A Coronavirus Poem – The Bridges Are Now Open

CoronavirusWatch me read this poem on Facebook (7min)
Is an illness of the collective Aura
An effort    to crush our cocoons of Hope
                   to collapse our babies dreams
                   to destroy our intuitive antennae
                   to strip our wings of compassion
A push        to make us crawl again at the feet of the establishment
The medical and media Gods who determine our fitness to live

Keep that crown on, Butterfly.
Rise up. Deliver your message of knowing and let those pure words travel, even when you cannot.
They may lock us down but they can’t touch
our fierce heart radios
our transmitters of (w)holiness
Send your love now Soul-dier and
know that the cosmic internet spreads your light

This is an Alien cold brought down
To silence the protests for peace and change
A germ with no agenda
Being spread to cripples our leaders of Truth
A new witchhunt, a segregation
to separate commanders from their clans

Don’t fragment. Get closer to your mission. Draw in your tribe, using technology and thought.

Instead of avoiding your Elders, those old growth forests of resilience
Call an old friend – your oldest friend – the ones closest to Source
And ask them ‘how did you get through the war?’

Because this is a war – a battle between those who treat us like servants who must pay God, and those who know they are sovereigns here to play God.

Dear Angel, turn off the Devil in your ear.
Instead of wearing jugs on our heads, let us pour our energy
into disconnecting from those who tell us we are not clean enough for salvation
into deleting the illusion that we are not miracle workers of life

Your hands are the most powerful healing tools in the Universe
Use them to hold yourself, hug yourself, heal yourself
To write the wrongs in society
To help others stay afloat in this tsunami of panic

It’s time for our inner witches and warlocks to shine
Let us clear the ageism, the racism, the dirty handed tactics
The politics of privilege
And replace the rotting boat with a fortress of awakened humanity
Build up my friends, build up
This destruction is freedom to start again
This is what you came here for
The bridges are now open
Be the first to cross, and know that many will follow
You are protected

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