Lifepath 4 Numerology – The Pros and Cons of Being a Heart Healer

2020 was a tipping point for all 4 lifepaths on the planet. It’s time for them to rest and reset in 2022. See your 2022 numerology forecast webinar for meditations and life path-specific tips.

“Need to know the score? Ask a Lifepath Four – they never forget the past, and can help you design your future.” Sarah Yip

Your lifepath is your life purpose, or cosmic job description while you’re on the planet. It’s the sum of your date of birth, and is a number between 1-9, or 11, 22 or 33 (the latter are Master Number lifepaths – some people include 44). We change paths each life, depending on what we want to heal.

Your lifepath is only 25-30% of your forecast – your birth and current name/s, pinnacles, challenges and personal years also influence your fate. I discuss these in psychic readings as well as my numerology webinars. 

This post is dedicated to all the 4’s in the world, as well as everyone who loves this number of resilience and forgiveness. Thank you to Barb (your kindness is incredible and I love you), Hong Curley (Author and Healer), Ian White (Founder, Australian Bush Flower Essences), Karen Jacobsen (The GPS Girl), Cherie and all the other 4’s who’ve touched my life. Also thanks to the 4,444 fans on my facebook page The Numbers Queen!

As with all my lifepath posts, it’s taken me years to put this together, as I am quite a perfectionist! I hope you enjoy the results of my research. To send feedback on this article, email me with Lifepath 4 as the subject.

How do I know if I am a lifepath 4 (aka 4 lifepath)?

Find your lifepath by adding your DOB from left to right. Unlike some psychics, I do not reduce the day, month or year before adding them, as I believe this deletes important detail. Read more on lifepaths. In this system, you can be a 4, 13/4, 22/4, 31/4, or 40/4 lifepath in numerology.

For example (zeros are not included):
1/1/2000 = 1+1+2 = 4 lifepath (mainly children at this stage)

12/2/2015 = 1+2+2+2+1+5 = 13/4 lifepath (also mainly kids) See my article on Karmic 13 numerology for more info. It’s a myth that 13 is unlucky – it’s actually the healer and Moon Goddess number. 13 is about using your words and ‘spelling’ (magic powers) wisely. See this video on the Secret Spells of the English Language by Laurel Airica. Don’t believe the hype. All numbers, like all people, are created equal. Hence my article on 666 numerology. 6+6+6 = 18/9, the vibration of the word LOVE – seeing 666 is an invitation to release prejudice and superstition!

30/5/1940 = 3+5+1+9+4 = Master 22/4 lifepath (mainly adults but some babies are coming through with this vibration). See my comprehensive post on Master 22 lifepaths in numerology for 3 ways to check if you are a 22/4 and tips for success.

If you are in the ‘hybrid 31/4-22/4 category’ (so are the Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Richard Branson etc.), read the descriptions for both lifepaths and decide for yourself. Was age 31 or 22 more significant? Maybe you are a mixture of the qualities.

4/6/1992 = 4+6+1+9+9+2 = 31/4 lifepath (mainly adults) I have lots of profiles for 31/4 celebrities, see my psychic readings for Ian White and Karen Jacobsen’s for example. These posts contain specific 31/4 information.

9/9/1975 = 9+9+1+9+7+5 = 40/4 lifepath (mainly adults, in my experience this is a rare lifepath). This person would be a Master 22/4 in some systems, but as I add the date of birth straight across, they are a 40/4 in mine or a hybrid as I mentioned above.

If you are in the ‘hybrid 40/4-22/4 category’ (so is Bindi Irwin, Craig Ruddy etc.), read the descriptions for both lifepaths and decide for yourself. Was age 40 or 22 more significant? Maybe you are a mixture of the qualities.

Each type of 4 lifepath is different (just like pine trees differ between species). For an accurate description of each, read Dan Millman’s book The Life You Were Born to Live (see my psychic reading for Dan, it includes numerology and palmistry).

Your lifepath age is a turning point (thanks for the tip Max Coppa), so someone with an 13/4 lifepath may find their confidence and calling earlier than a 40/4. For example, as a 29/11/2 lifepath I learned numerology at 29, and the ages of 28-30 were full of change – I began seeing 11:11 after 11/11/2011 when I was 30.

The link between 11:11 and 4 Energy
Incidentally, 1+1+1+1 = 4, and some people say the 11:11 awakening code is about opening our 4th (Heart) Chakra, and accessing our past/ parallel life abilities. I can attest to this, as I went from being a scientist, sceptic and ex-Christian to a professional psychic, once I started seeing repeated numbers.

Why do I call 4 Lifepaths Heart Healers?
Because I relate numbers to chakras (see my lifepath page), and the 4th Chakra is the Heart, as mentioned above. So people with a 4 lifepath come in with a broken or suppressed heart, and are learning to express their love – more on this journey below.

4 Numerology in a Nutshell
4 looks like a flag planted in the Earth – it’s about standing your ground and enabling group success. This requires you to protect your home, community and planet from danger (to avoid the Tragedy of the Commons, which I mention in this post on Standing Rock). 4 energy is not about quick fixes, but leaving a legacy, similar to the Native American concept of ‘Seven generation sustainability’

People with strong 4 numerology know what’s right and wrong. They’re also great at spotting liars. That’s why I say “when you need the score, ask a 4” – although our minds change every few seconds, our heart’s desires never falter.

We are born knowing our life purpose, and that we are infinite beings with soul contracts to fulfil.* Your heart stores not only your present life memories, but all past and parallel life lessons. It’s a door to all knowledge and consciousness. That’s why, when you connect with your heart, time stands still. *I know this, because I’ve done past life regressions on myself and clients, and experience proof of life after death – see this post/ video about my friend Butterfly. 

Why is the Number 4 considered unlucky in Chinese culture?
As an Australian-born Chinese, I was raised believing that the number 4 was unlucky, because it sounds like ‘death’ in Cantonese. Conversely, I was taught that the number 8 was fortunate, as it sounds like the word for ‘prosperity’. As a result my Mum chose my mobile number simply because it was full of 8’s and easy to remember  (I was a forgetful teenager!) Funnily, this number adds to 47/11, which is perfect as I am a Master 11 lifepath, so 11 is my lucky number. Once you find your lifepath, you often realise your lifepath number has been following you around, as your house number, phone number, on receipts, clocks etc.

Now that I’m a numerologist, I abhor superstitions like ‘4 is unlucky’, because they create fear in people’s minds, preventing them from trusting their intuition and studying spirituality. That’s why I keep writing myth-busting posts like this one on Friday the 13th. Read/ watch my post about the difference between superstition and intuition

What if I’m not a 4 lifepath, but relate to this article?
If you have been drawn to this article, you will have 4’s in your chart or around you (as family and friends). Wherever 4 shows up, is where the Universe wants you to work in a high performing team. Remember, if 4 represents the heart, then you’ll be the ‘heart of the operation’ in the area it appears.

Please note, 4 energy affects everyone, irrespective of their lifepath. That’s because 4 numerology can appear in your:

-name/s e.g. David adds to 22/4 and Sallyanne adds to 31/4. Archangel Haniel is the protector of 4 lifepaths – read more. Work out your name numerology using the Pythagorean system here. There are also calculators online, of varying quality.

My birth name (aka Destiny Number) adds to 76/13/4 so I attract people with 4 energy at work. Almost all my role models are 31/4 lifepaths.

-personal years and pinnacles. Everyone has a 4 year during their 9 year cycle, when they act like/ attract 4 Lifepaths. In my 4 Personal Year, I had a major career change and went back to doing what I loved (scriptwriting instead of management) – the heart thrives on simplicity. Find your personal year

-house number, address, phone numbers, licence plates etc. Read more on addresses. Seeing 4, 44, 404 or 444 can indicate that you’re healing your heart and need to take things step by step, beat by beat. It also suggests you have 4s in your lifepath or numerology.

-family tree or social circle (your parents, siblings, partner, children, friends, boss, colleagues, teachers etc.)

4 Lifepath Compatibility
In my psychic readings, I read compatibility by adding lifepaths together, and looking at all aspects of a couple’s numerology chart, palmistry, and soul contract (through clairvoyance and talking to their Spirit Guides – it sounds woo-woo but trust me, they’re extremely helpful and direct.)  For this reason, I am not going to disrespect you by writing black-and-white statements like ‘4s should marry 8s’, or 4’s should avoid 5s’. That is beyond silly, and is like saying ‘Poodles and Dalmations are always incompatible’ or ‘you should never wear a red jumper with purple jeans’. Puh-lease!

You are not your numbers – they are potential. Trust your gut instincts, then use numerology as a second opinion – not the other way around. Otherwise you could delay meeting your Soulmate, just because they don’t have ‘the right numbers’.,,or haircut…or skin colour…you get my drift. That said, I will include some thoughts on 4’s in relationships – please take these with a grain of salt:

-4 lifepaths are here to learn commitment, so they may need to have more than one serious relationship or marriage before they realise ‘there is no perfect partner, just the perfect attitude to partnership’. True love is inner growth, it takes years to bloom.

-4’s invest in their inner circle but can be aloof with acquaintances. Once a 4 lifepath commits to someone, they are usually quite stable, as they value security*. *This doesn’t mean they never cheat, because that is an act of free will. However the 4’s I have met are honest. So their partners tend to know what is going on and have the opportunity to make decisions about whether to stay or not. Everything is an opportunity for evolution. We’ve all been the bad and good girl or guy in various lifetimes, so it’s best not to gossip, otherwise you become what you judge.

-It’s important for 4’s to have good role models for relationships as they may come from traumatic backgrounds. Emotional literacy is learned – you can’t expect someone to be tender and articulate, if they’ve never experienced kindness themselves. Sometimes we need to break the pattern, e.g. through seeking or learning counselling and healing. rather than waiting for people to save us. Dan Millman mentions that 31/4’s benefit from working through family issues in The Life You Were Born to Live. See my post on Forgiving Your Family (Especially Your Parents)

-When conscious, 4 lifepaths can be amazing parents, due to their desire not to repeat destructive patterns. They’re very touchy-feely, which children love, and physically energetic, which is perfect for raising kids. Their fathers have an unusually strong influence on their personalities, perhaps because 4 energy is about embodying spiritual authority and creating structure/ containment.

Brief Qualities of a 4 Lifepath (according to Sarah!) 
These features apply to a lesser degree if 4 is in your name, etc.

Pros of being a 4 Lifepath in Numerology
-You’re a natural leader, especially during times of stress when other people are losing the plot. No one works harder than a 4 on a mission! I say that 4 lifepaths bring ‘calm to chaos’ – they’re the person you want in charge of the fire drills…

-Words like GARDEN, FATHER, SCIENCE and DESIGN have a 31/4 vibration, and 4 lifepaths are often very connected to nature, their families/ friends and life in general. They are ‘working artists’ in that they often start from nothing and build up massive success in one area, before moving on to a new one. They do better in occupations with measurable outcomes, including finance, property, health.

-People trust you, which is why you attract lots of responsibility early in life. They know you’re willing to work the long hours it takes to create a successful business/ family/ volunteer organisation etc. Your work ethic tends to be excellent. Think about it – the heart never stops beating from the time you are in the womb until the day you die – no wonder 4’s are diligent!

-You will never be unemployed, assuming you’re wanting a job. I’m being serious here! The 4 lifepaths I’ve met are indispensable in their workplaces – they are the hub (like the heart in the body), who keeps everything ticking along and sets the pace for others. The only reason I’d see a 4 idle is that it was time for them to start a business or family (and they needed space to manifest this), or they were sick.

-You have a strong constitution, which will help you complete your goals in life if you give your body regular food, rest, exercise, sleep etc. Routine is a must! Many 4 lifepaths are gifted athletes with well-developed co-ordination and instincts. If you have a 4 lifepath child, make sure they get lots of outdoors time, fresh organic food (especially green vegetables and smoothies), and cuddles! 

-You can touch things and know their value. 4s tend to be kinaesthetic learners, which means they learn by doing, and must take things apart to understand them. After all, the heart is the seat of love, and ‘being touched’ by other people’s feelings. That’s right, you’re a natural empath. Do some research into this.

-Your powers of analysis are second to none, you don’t miss a thing and know people’s character within minutes of meeting them. That’s because you tend to be ‘in your body’ and the body senses truth or deceit instantly.

-When in balance, you bring out the best in people through your heartfelt kindness, discipline and focus on results. Your ability to read people and remember what they like and dislike gives you a huge advantage – you know how to make them feel valued and special. This is a great recipe for loyalty wherever you go. No one will forget you once they’ve met you.

-I call 4’s Spiritual Tradies (tradies are tradespeople in Australia – like plumbers and electricians), because they come in, get the job done then go home, no fuss, no drama. In Tarot, the IV Card is The Emperor, representing decisiveness, planning and masculine power. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Heart is also called the Emperor, and its said that ‘when the Emperor is at peace, the subjects (organs) can rest’.

-Women with 4 energy are pioneers, who often work in male-dominated industries and beat the boys at their own game. For example my Master 22/4 life path friend (born 11/11) was the first female heavy truck driver to work at an Australian mine.

Cons of being a 4 Lifepath
-Forgiveness isn’t easy. As someone who remembers everything (if you don’t, maybe you need some emotional healing), it can be a challenge to let go of the past. As they say, ‘happiness is a short memory’. If you’re struggling with sad memories, I recommend the book Freedom to Love by Hong Curley, who is a 31/4 lifepath and incredible spiritual teacher. See this extract ‘How did she forgive her family’s killer?’ to experience power of Hong’s story. I spent a week on retreat with Hong and there are no words to explain her effect on me. She transcended a violent and abusive upbringing in Communist China, to become one of Australia’s most successful health practitioners. See my blog on Hong (at 31, her life path age turning point, her husband told her he was having an affair).

Until you integrate the lesson of your past, you will be haunted by it. Be a rebel – get the help you need to move on, instead of staying in the sadness. Radical healing is possible no matter how hurt you are. You can rewrite your memories, I promise.

-Faking happiness. Due to your willpower, there can be times you steamroll your feelings and live from your head. This can lead to an inner conflict, where your mind keeps telling you everything is fine, while your body and heart are screaming for attention. I’ve seen this result in ailments like insomnia, indigestion, asthma, allergies, worry, eating disordersalcoholism, depression, etc. So if you are a 4 lifepath with a chronic health issue, ask yourself ‘am I doing what I love?’

Because if you aren’t loving life, your love life will suffer and so will your immunity (which is linked to the Heart Chakra). It takes a huge amount of energy to keep yourself small. Way more than it would take to let yourself go and grow. Be energy-efficient – choose joy! Your loved ones are waiting for you to let them in. Remember, the people who mind, don’t matter and the people who matter, don’t mind…

-Inflexibility. 4 lifepaths can get stuck in over-giving mode at work or home, to the point that they go physically numb. Let’s face it, society encourages us to be wage and approval slaves, as this is how the elite keep us too tired to rise up. Lifepath 4’s can become workaholics as they hate letting people down (see this post for healing tips), and enjoy the thrill of deadlines.

So if you’re reading this and your back hurts because you’ve done too much overtime, PLEASE stand up and dance for the next five minutes. Your heart will thank you for it! I can even suggest a track – Pharrell William’s Happy. I also encourage you to do regular stretching, pilates, yoga, martial arts (AIKIDO has a 31/4 vibration), as a flexible body creates a flexible mind and higher creativity.

-Materialism. As lifepath 4’s value what they can see and touch, they can get addicted to accumulating possessions, money and status that increases their stress. It can take a major wake up call (like heart or chest issues, breathing difficulties etc.) to remind them that the best things in life are free. Hopefully you’re not in this category, but if you are, I know how you feel. I have a 4 Destiny Number (so I act like a 4 in my career). There have been a few times I quit my job due to heart pain, and in one case, breast lumps (part of the Heart Chakra too). Most of these problems disappeared once I left the negative workzones. My heart literally ‘wasn’t in my work’ and forced me to listen up.

-Lack of Commitment (to Your Goals). Some 4 lifepaths martyr themselves for others, but fail to back their own ideas. Someone with a healthy Heart Chakra gives people a hand up, not a hand out. They encourage people to master new skills, rather than rescuing them from looking foolish. They’re cool with saying ‘No’ without having to justify themselves. This approach means they can freely pursue their passions, and have a balanced life.

Conversely, someone with an imbalanced Heart Chakra acts like an overworked parent surrounded by impossibly childish crazymakers. They can never relax, because people call or text them at all hours of the day expecting their help. Sound familiar? Then it’s time to be the change you want to see, and take back your time. Most people spend 40 hours a week helping their boss succeed and 1-2 hours a week, if that, on their life direction. No wonder they feel stuck. It’s like driving someone else’s car while yours stays in the parking lot. A holiday might be just the ticket.

Famous 4 Lifepaths in Numerology (I will expand this list over time)

13/4 Lifepaths – Grace VanderWaal (won America’s Got Talent at age 12). 

Master 22/4 Lifepaths – covered in this article, additional examples are Bono (the singer, known for his charity work), Caroline Myss (author, an expert on psychic healing – 2 energy is intuition after all) and Frank Sinatra (the singer – many 4’s have a gift for music and performance – the heart loves to be heard. I note that, like Donald Trump below, he had issues with infidelity, perhaps this mid-life crisis was a test of his life purpose and integrity).

31/4 Lifepaths – Donald Trump (see this post on his family’s numerology. Although I disagree with his policies, I think he’s inspiring people to protest and find their truth), Elton John (the singer, who’s sold 300 million records, raised millions for AIDS charities and campaigns for LGBT rights – 4s can be generous philanthropists), Sir Paul McCartney from the Beatles (he’s a 31/4 and 22/4 hybrid, similar to Sir Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama), Ian White (Founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences – 4s are intensely hands-on and productive when inspired), Jeff Widener (famous for his photo of a man vs a tank at Tiananmen Square), Karen Jacobsen (who rose to international success as The GPS Girl and a singer), Marie Curie (the scientist, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize – see my comment about 4 lifepath women doing well in male occupations) and Nicole Kidman (the actress, who broke a rib trying to fit an 18-inch corset for Moulin Rouge – talk about willpower!). Also author and healer Hong Curley, one of my biggest inspirations.

40/4 Lifepaths – Anna Kendrick (from Pitch Perfect), she really does sing from the heart and show the power of love – I love this medley of Flashlight (Jessie J is a  29/11 lifepath like me), Benedict Cumberbatch (the actor, known for playing Doctor Strange, which is a must-see movie if you want to understand the Multi-verse. Interestingly he is currently 40, which is his lifepath turning point age – perhaps his future productions will continue to be edgy and spiritually themed?), Blake Lively (the actress, who is described as a celebrity homemaker on Wikipedia – 4s are proud of their families and children) and Elliott Gould (the actor, who married the same woman twice – 4s need trial and error to find their Soulmates). Also Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin (a Master 11 lifepath) and Craig Ruddy, who won the Archibald Prize and sadly died in 2022.

In Conclusion
My best advice for lifepath 4’s is to exercise your power, because if you don’t use it, you lose it. Stay fit, speak up, don’t tolerate injustice, and most of all stay ‘in touch’ with your heart and loved ones. You’re here to prove that ‘one person with a belief is equal to a force of 99 who have only interests’ (John Stuart Mill – wow, I just Googled him and he is a Master 22 lifepath. But, of course.)

Here’s a prayer for you: Dear Higher Self, please give me a sign if you’re there (wait for a tingle, temperature change or sense of knowing). I want to keep rising in love. Please, help me to stay free, spread kindness and inspire others to choose love over fear, every single day. Thank you and Amen (optional). This affirmation is best done with your hand over your heart, preferably skin to skin. You can visualise the colours blue (13/4 vibration) or green (31/4 vibration) to increase the healing power of this tune-in.

You may also like my Angel Meditation, as Angelic Guidance heals the Heart Chakra.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on 4’s! 

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Feedback from my previous website is below:

Asaar on Wednesday, 18 January 2017 10:58 AMbest write up on 4 life path so far 🙂 Reply to comment

Sarah Yip on Monday, 23 January 2017 11:05 PMHi Asaar thanks a million for your feedback. Glad the year of pondering was worth it! This article took me months to write. Wishing you all the best for 2017.

Devyn Jann Dyson on Monday, 13 February 2017 8:00 AM You’re the truth. Thank you for clarifying what my heart keeps telling me . Tears just couldn’t stop while I read your whole article.Reply to comment

Sarah Yip – Grateful we could connect, best wishes Angelic being!

Melissa L on Monday, 13 March 2017 5:06 PM My life path number is 4- 06/14/1973- are you always a 22 master number if your life number is 4? I’ve been told that I’m a 22 master number by 2 numerologists. So from reading this amazing article I’ve found that I’m a 31/4! I’ve been seeing 11:11 2:22 4:44- constantly; I’ve documented over 70 occurrences since around August 2016 when I really started studying and understanding my life path number. I also just realized that my address for the last 9 years is 7843- which =22. I’m just fascinated, thank you for the amazing work that your doing!! Reply to comment

Sarah Yip – Hi Melissa thanks so much. In my system you are a 31/4 but you could look at whether you’re a ‘hybrid 22/4’ by reviewing my Master 22 lifepath post, this would be possible through living a high vibration lifestyle for example. Both are extremely powerful lifepaths.

Myra Jade on Monday, 13 March 2017 5:06 PM Sarah I just read your article on number 4’s I am a number 4 and I am amazed! This is me to a tea!! You’re truly amazing. Thank you for your work. Xoxox Reply to comment

Sarah Yip – Thank you Myra Jade, very happy to be of assistance in your self-healing journey, best wishes.

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