Why Compliments are like Mangoes – try holding them before throwing them back!

Yum! Here’s some of the mangoes we’ve been giving away this week to friends. You can practically smell them.

5 fun insights into mangoes

1) Mango has a 23/5 numerology, the same as Life, Lion and King (it’s called the King of Fruits!) 5 heals our throat chakra (intuition and voice), see this post for healing tips

2) They are great sources of vitamin A, C and antioxidants, plus good for your vision.

3) Mangoes belong to the anacardiaceae trees, which include cashews, pistachios and poison ivy.

They remind us that toxicity and sweetness often co-exist in the one family, i.e. the poison and cure are related.

3) I once heard that compliments are like mangoes. When someone gives you one, try holding it with gratitude, instead of throwing it back in their face (with an ‘oh, it was nothing’).

4) It’s a lot of effort to harvest mangoes. From avoiding toxic sap and lorikeet poop to hand-netting each fruit, it’s taken me ages to prepare each batch. I’ll happily pay for organic mangoes from now on without complaint.

5) No mango is a sure deal until you eat it.

Can’t tell you how many times I set my sight on a fruit only to find it rotten or pecked away.

And a bonus tip: Some mangoes look out of reach but that’s nothing a fitball and ex-basketballer (me) can’t fix. I also used a bag with a mango in it to knock off the outliers.

That’s right. I bounced most of the fruit off our tree this year. It was messy, fun, creative and amusing for the whole family.

Wishing you a creative New Moon week.

Stay safe and may the mangoes be with you.


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