Empaths, Fertility and Fresh Food – The Spiritual Link

Fresh food, fresh ideas. Empaths take in more nourishment when they know a gift has been given with love. They need high integrity living to be at their peak. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, it just needs to honour the earth (an anagram for heart).

I’ve been way more fertile and powerful (physically, financially, creatively) since I swapped to a more organic market & home grown diet.

Knowing who’s made my food gives me confidence I’m supporting happy people who care and not accidentally absorbing anxious energies from exploited workers.

Am finishing writing my webinar on the ‘blessings in disguise’ of COVID-19 (on 27 Sept). This was one of the blessings for us – we finally had time to plant a veggie patch, which has been on the list for years.

Here’s a pic of our garden today, including white eggplant, mulberries and a tiny watermelon. I asked for organic seeds for our housewarming in Feb, a month before things went crazy and Bunnings sold out. Must have known we’d need them!

Do you grow your own food? What do you love about the process?

Many of the veggies here are grown in pots, you don’t need much space 🙂 just good soil and a husband like Kris Anderson​​ with a green thumb! Ok, kidding about that last point, but it helps.

If you don’t, what’s stopping you?

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