True Tales from Palmistry Readings in Brisbane – Funny, Freaky and Fascinating!

The future is in your hands, literally. I was reminded of this, while doing palmistry in Brisbane for Chinese New Year 2018 (read my forecast).

I was booked for a couple of talks, and they were a hoot. I’ve just launched a mobile palmistry school, where I visit people at home or work to run 1.5-2 hour workshops, which include a blitz of readings for people in the room. It’s a wonderful icebreaker for groups and brings me back to my happy place as a teacher.

In the past decade, I’ve conducted over 100 fundraising and 50+ psychic workshops to help people grow in confidence. Education and connecting people, are my passions. On the flip side, nothing annoys me more than fear-mongering, be it in the spiritual, conservation or other industries. See my post on avoiding crazy psychics.

As a Master 11 Lifepath, or Spiritual Messenger, I’ve come here to change the future, not just rehash the past. Find your lifepath. Based on experience, I’ve learned that you can ‘listen to someone, fill their heart for a day. Teach someone to listen, and they’ll never lose heart again.’

A combination of both is important – without a reading, it’s hard to show people what’s possible when you trust in Source. Without a workshop, you’ll be doing readings forever and never reach people on a bigger scale (hm, note to self). Readings and workshops are like entrees and main meals, best served close together for maximum oomph.

Here’s a peek at the fun we had this weekend (names have been changed for privacy):

-Alicia had a St Andrew’s Cross in her palm. I said, ‘this marking shows that you could save someone’s life’. She said ‘that’s good, I’m training to be a midwife.’

-When we checked skin types, all the Silks (psychic/ sensitives) were sitting at the edges of the room, which makes sense as they pick up vibes easily and prefer to observe before getting involved in things. More on skin types in palmistry.

-Allan had a bendy thumb (hitchhiker’s thumb). I said, ‘this shows you are easygoing, have fantastic people skills and can deal with chaos – it’s useful if you travel or change plans a lot’. He said, ‘I have to, I manage hundreds of people in my job’.

-Leisel had a straight thumb (as do I). I joked, ‘this makes you stubborn and prefer routine. I’m so predictable, I bring my own pillow with me wherever I go’. A few people laughed, and Leisel said, ‘so do I!’ Read more on thumbs in palmistry

-Lara asked me about a mark on her Life Line. It looked like scar tissue but she said it wasn’t from an injury. I used my fingers to measure the age it occurred, then checked this with my Guides through claircognisance (psychic knowing). I asked ‘what happened to you at 38-40?’ Tears filled her eyes and she said, ‘I fell pregnant at 38 after a long struggle’. I got emotional too, as I recovered from anorexia to have my boys. See my post on when you will have a baby

-Mike asked me what I could see. I noted the Girdle of Venus and other features that suggested inner tension and high expectations of himself. I recommended yoga and relaxation to reduce his stress so he could think straight (he was a Uni student). He replied ‘I’m just about to start yoga class’.

-Geri had an allergy/ sensitivity line on her Luna Mount. I said, ‘do you drink a lot of coffee?’ She said ‘yes, but I’ve cut down.’ I said ‘that will help you stay on your purpose, we can use food/ substances as a distraction if we’re not confident…rushing yourself is violence*’. *A line from Medicine by Rising Appalachia

-Casey had a Composite Whorl (the Yin-Yang or Starseed marking) on her thumb, suggesting she was a good judge of character, had a natural counselling ability and could be a bit, well, Alien (!) No surprise, her daughter was born on 11 November (11/11/), which is a Star Person indicator. I specialise in Master 11/22/33/44 numerology and have an entire page on 11:11 sightings. Her daughter confirmed she sees repeating numbers, which backed up my thoughts.

-Jenny had many Whorls (Bullseye) fingerprints. She kept saying she found it hard to let go. I said ‘people with these fingerprints are like wells, everything goes in but then you hit capacity because people tell you all their problems’. I suggested she journal or talk to someone professional to download. I said I studied Holistic counselling (see my post on Caroline Byrd) to cope with the intensity of being a psychic. She said ‘I was just talking about journalling to a friend’.

-Luke had a Head Line that was so long, it divided his palm in half (aka a Sydney Line because so many people in Australia there have it!*). My Dad has this line. I said ‘this is a great feature, you can solve any problem, especially in your career, because you have excellent willpower and focus. However, you need to learn to turn down your inner critic, otherwise it can stop you from sleeping’. Luke agreed, and said that he used running and meditation to help find balance. *The Head Line reflects your Solar Plexus Chakra (3 numerology), and Australia is a 30/3 country. I’ve met many 3 lifepath clients here – find your lifepath 

-Rita frowned and said ‘my Life Line doesn’t reach the bottom of my palm, does that mean I will die early?!’ I said ‘not at all, that’s a big fat myth. There’s been research done, including an SBS documentary Secrets of The Hand, that mentions your age of death doesn’t reflect the length of your Life Line. All good palmreaders know this. However, it can suggest you have a sensitive Root (Base) Chakra, e.g. you are learning to ground your ideas, improve your circulation (move more, sit down less), finish projects and reconnect with your family tree etc.

Many healers and pioneers have a short or broken Life Line, including myself. It’s what inspires us to get going. Exercise, time in nature and delegating will help.’ She looked reassured. Read more on the Life Line in this post and this post I also talk about how a fuzzy or missing end to the Life Line can suggest adrenal fatigue and someone who lives in fight or flight mode – I’m being treated for this at the moment, with homoeopathy and naturopathy at the Quantum Healing Centre in Brisbane. A further post on the Life Line and past life regression

I hope you’ve enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at a palmreader’s life. Learning to read your hands is a gift that gives you eternal presence and joy. The benefits are incalculable. Remember, your body has been with you since day dot, and it never lies! Here’s how you can find out more about this ancient science.

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