Palmistry Readings for Children – Three Hands I’ll Never Forget

I’ve volunteered with kids most of my life, so it’s always a joy, and often a learning experience, conducting psychic readings for children (in the company of their parents, of course).

Here are three children’s readings I’ll never forget:

1) In my early days of reading at a market stall, a mother brought her child to me and asked me to read her palm. At that stage, I was still blurting out anything I saw, rather than checking the whole hand first. Put it down to my impatience as a Master 11 lifepath in numerology. This child had a fuzzy fate line, so I casually said ‘Oh, you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up’ and smiled, perhaps a little patronisingly. Huge mistake! This kid fixed me with a death stare before replying  ‘Hmph! I know exactly what I’m going to be, I’m going to be a policewoman.’

Confused, I checked the rest of her hand, and sure enough, she had a Loop of Seriousness, which indicates a career path that will be pursued no matter what. Cue an internal groan.

What I learned that day: To never assume kids are clueless and to always look at the whole palm before drawing conclusions. I still teach my students to do this, to this day thanks to that little tyke.

2) I was in a reading room at a fair one day when another parent brought their son in for a reading. As he carefully displayed his palm I was able to see many personality traits in his hands, which proved to be totally correct.Surprised, he turned to his mother and said ‘Wow, Mum, this lady is really good!’, to which she replied ‘Of course she is, I wouldn’t bring you to just any old psychic’ would I?

After hearing this, I couldn’t help myself, I had to add ‘Hey kid, we don’t do readings for the money you know, it’s a calling’, and then had a bit of a chuckle. I had just left my business career to become a palmreader so this feedback came at a great time.

It always amuses me when people are shocked at a reading’s accuracy, after all that is why you go to a psychic right? If you go to your dentist, you expect to come out with clean teeth –  similarly you should feel clearer (or at least more informed) after any psychic reading from a reputable reader.

What I learned that day: That kids are awesome because their compliments come straight from the heart.

3) And now for my favourite kid’s reading – I was looking a child’s hand when she suddenly squinted and said ‘can you see a heart in my hand?’ and pointed at a series of squiggles on her Apollo mount (the mount of creativity). After a long pause, in which I realised I couldn’t see anything there, I ‘felt’ a message come through and said something straight from clairvoyance. The little girl looked up in me at amazement and said ‘Yes! That’s exactly what I thought too’ and smiled. Whew! All those meditation classes finally paid off.

What I learned that day: That studying palmistry is like learning the alphabet and once you get to a certain level you start producing psychic poetry. For me, palmistry has been the most systematic and comprehensive way to remove my spiritual blocks and start expressing my natural intuition.

I think of palmistry and numerology as the ladders I’ve climbed to get over my Great Wall of scepticism about psychic readings…it was a big wall and even now I occasionally fall off a ladder!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into my life as a psychic. As you can see, it’s never a dull day in this job 🙂

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