The Spiritual Power of Money (a preview) – 6 buys for $25 and under that changed my life!

They call it Change because it evolves you. As an ex-fundraiser and numerologist, I know that money and numbers have a spiritual power that can help you to complete your Soul’s mission.

On 8 June 2020, I launched a Patreon page for my 11:11 work that’s attracted 45 supporters so far (thank you). The energy in the private Facebook group is off the charts and we’ve had syncs galore (the 1st signup was a 1 lifepath, the 7th signup was a 7 lifepath and the 33rd signup was a 33 lifepath. Wow.) Find your lifepath

This experience has reminded me that it’s not so much the amount of money we give, as much as the regularity of the gift and/ or our passion that makes the difference in difficult times. Small change can revive big hopes.

Tip: I will soon be publishing a video on the Spiritual Power of Money (a preview of an upcoming webinar), on my Patreon page, which will be made available to ALL supporters (USD 5+/ monthly tiers)

A lot of the psychic work I do with clients involves healing the way they talk to themselves and the Universe, aka the Greater Go(o)d. Words are an anagram of sword and they can be used to either cut through the fog or to cause more harm. They call it spelling because it’s magic (see Laurel Airica). Thinking laterally instead of literally, can bring us back into prosperity consciousness.

For example, money is an anagram of my one. It can give us the energy we need to heal our first or Root Chakra – boundaries, security and survival. It helps us to bring our dreams, babies and brain-children (ideas) to life and to take the first step into new careers and lifestyles.

As much as some believe that the ‘love of money is the root of all evil’, I think that ‘the currency or money of love is the route to all levels’.

Evil is an anagram of live and it’s a term used by those in power to control others so that they don’t live up to their full spiritual, sexual, creative and financial potential.

Ever considered that She-Devil is an anagram of She-Lived? Ho hum…No wonder my favourite greeting card motto is ‘Good girls go to Heaven, Bad girls go everywhere!’

Back to the topic. To show you how money can bring joy and awakening, here are 6 buys under $25 that changed my life!

1) A silver heart pendant that said I Love You Cost: $4.50. As a kid in the 1980s, I saved my pocket money for ages to buy a Mother’s Day gift. I was only given 50c a week so I think I supplemented the cost with Tooth Fairy payments! I will never forget the look on the jeweller’s face when I walked in at age 9-10 and said I was there to buy the special in the window. She said ‘I didn’t know we had anything that cheap.’ My mother’s happy reaction when she opened the box is one of my favourite memories this lifetime. She was touched. I still cry thinking about it. I felt so proud of myself.

2) A numerology book by Max Coppa. Cost: $3.95 (on sale). I did not read about numerology until approx. age 29 (my lifepath age turning point). One day I was in a bookstore and picked up Max’s book Numerology – Working with Numbers. I went home, read it in an hour then did dozens of charts based on the DOBs of my friends, family and exes. There was such an obvious pattern of lifepaths and grids that I became hooked.

From memory, I was also given Dan Millman’s The Life You Were Born to Live around the same time. The rest is history. See my post on numerology books I recommend for 11:11 See’rs. You can find articles under Find Your Lifepath or browse my webinars on lifepaths, names and 2020 forecasts.

3) Boots from Lifeline (a charity shop). Cost: $25. The first few years of running my psychic business, I lived on a credit card and a tight budget. So I was delighted to find a pair of boots at the op-shop. I wore them to my first TV interview at the Selena Hill Fair, where I met my now-husband Kris Anderson while reading his palmistry (fast forward to 3min 41sec in this Youtube). Those boots gave me the confidence to embrace my height (I am almost six foot tall). I even joked about being a ‘bossy boots’ that day.

4) Oysters from Peters Fish Market on the Gold Coast. Cost $8. I was at rock bottom. Although I was living part-time on the Gold Coast (my dream place), I had run out of money and energy (soon afterwards, I was diagnosed with anorexia and undermethylation). I had spent up big launching my blog book at the Adelaide Mind Body Psychic Show, where I also gained my moniker ‘The Numbers Queen’ and bought 5) A Thunderbird pendant from (which I think was $25).

Down to my last dollars, I splurged on oysters and ate them in a park. (FYI my favourite oysters are from Coffin Bay) Something incredible happened next. A family of black birds left a fledgling behind. It couldn’t have been more than an 1-2 inches big. I called to the chick. It ran over a metre towards me and jumped into my hand. I moved it to safety, just before a snake went past. In that moment, I felt so powerful that I knew everything was going to be ok. I wasn’t going to starve.

Many miracles have happened, whenever I wear the pendant (I bought a few designs from Fred) and/ or eat oysters. Maybe the zinc or B12 improves intuition? As a result of this experience, I researched the Heyoka, a sacred clown and trickster worshipped by the Lakota people. According to pages like this,”Heyokas maintain social balance and dare to ask difficult and taboo questions no-one had the courage to ask before. They can also question established answers, forcing us to re-evaluate our behaviour or knowledge.” These stories helped me to embrace my work as an 11:11 See’r.

Thunderbird Pendant made by Fred Rusher in Sedona (USD 12.95). This design appeared in a field by Barbury Castle in Wiltshire, England in 2009. Click on image to go to his website

6) A pair of Bonds socks. Cost $6. When we finally fell pregnant with our first child Forrest, I was elated and terrified. I didn’t trust that my body could make and birth a baby after all I had put it through. So when we got the confirmation, I went and bought a tiny pair of newborn boy’s socks. I held them every day and visualised kissing my baby’s toes and putting his socks on. That kept me going through those first few weeks of stressing out.

Who would have thought such a small purchase could have so much psychological significance? But it did. Here I am with the socks and Fozzie.

In Conclusion
If this post has moved you, have a read of my blog The Old vs The 11:11 Way and the related links below. 11:11 is about multiple sources of wellness, income, spirituality and education. When we allow ourselves the freedom to explore our multi-dmensional selves, we gain a confidence that can no longer be ignored!

Stay tuned for more inspirational tips like this in my Spiritual Power of Money webinar (date tbc).

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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years.

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