Your Personal Year in Numerology – What Does The Future Hold?

This page helps you to calculate your personal year in numerology, so that you can prepare for success instead of being shocked by change. As they say, ‘Planning halves doing’. ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. A little effort to understand your numbers and lifepath goes a long way. After all, you can throw seeds at the ground and hope they sprout, or you can water them and harvest abundance.

Since the beginning of time, people have wondered:
Do I have a purpose? Is there a pattern to life?
Is there a higher order I can trust in, and
Are lucky people born or made?

My answer to the first three questions is YES. See my Find Your Lifepath page to discover your life purpose. In terms of luck, it’s a mix of A and B. Some people have performed good deeds in past lives, which gives them a head start in this body (like a low golf handicap). Still, you can boost your fortune, by ‘going with the flow’ and working with Spirit. Breathing helps too! So, let’s find out what Personal Year you are in, to help you make the most of life’s opportunities.

Calculating Your Personal Year In Numerology
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I believe that the Personal Year starts on your birthday. Other people say that it starts on January 1. There’s a theory we have a 3-6 month overlap of Personal Years, due to free will and the impact of ‘Essences’ – this are more noticeable if you were born from August onwards. Having tested both systems with clients, I stick by the birthday as the turning point.

When I follow the birthday system, my parents were both in a 1 Personal Year (New Beginnings), 2 Personal Month (Partnerships & Females) and 29/11 Personal Day when I was born. I am a 29/11 Lifepath. This is no coincidence. The pattern disappears when I use the January 1 system. This doesn’t make other psychics wrong. Even native French speakers pronounce the same words differently! Each to their own. You attract the clients who believe what you do. Test my words and see what works for you…

1) Add your day and month of birth together.
2) Add the sum (if needed) to reach a single digit.
e.g. Carly is born on 18 December
1+8+1+2 = 12 = 1+2 = 3 final sum
3) Add the final sum to the year of your LAST birthday (e.g. 2017, 2018 or 2019). Keep reducing until you end up with a number between 1 and 9. This is your Personal Year.
If I am reading for Carly in November 2018 I add 3 to 2017
3+2+0+1+7 = 13 = 1+3 = 4. Carly is in a 4 Personal Year (from December 2017 – November 2018)
If I am reading for Carly in December 2018 I add 3 to 2018
3+2+0+1+8 = 14 = 1+4 = 5. Carly is in a 5 Personal Year (from December 2018 to November 2019)

OR Using my birthday (27 January, which reduces to 2+7+1 = 10  = 1+0 = 1), I’m in a 1+ 2+0+1+8 = 12 = 1+2 = 3 Personal Year until December 2018.

You can be more specific and add your un-reduced birthday to the year, e.g. Carly’s personal year in November 2018 would then be (18 + 12) + (2+0+1+7) = 40/4 Personal Year. I would also be in a (27 + 1) + (2+0+1+8) = 39/12/3 Personal Year.

Your Personal Year In Numerology Explained
We live in 9 year cycles. If you want a sneak peek at 2018-2019, think about what you were doing in 2009-2010. You’re reliving (and building on) that lesson this year. Life is really that predictable. We can forecast the rising of the sun, the gestation of an elephant and cropping times for corn. Why not the cycles of a person? I’ve included general descriptions below. In my readings I look at your full DOB and name numerology to explain your timings over a lifetime, so that you can enjoy the ups and downs instead of fighting them.

A heads up – the Personal Year that matches your Lifepath will always bring huge opportunities to succeed.

1 Personal Year – New Beginnings. Healing the Root Chakra (self-confidence, ancestral connections, leaps of faith and your birth story). You’ll feel the need for big changes, such as moving country, changing career or chasing a lifelong dream, especially from September to November. I started my psychic business and had my first child Forrest in 1 Personal Years. More on the Root Chakra and past life healing – includes palmistry tips on your Life Line.

2 Personal Year – Partnerships. Healing the Sacral Chakra (emotions, balance, conflict resolution and intimacy). You’ll want to slow down, smell the roses and heal. Many people meet a partner or deal with females and their feelings now. I had many relationship changes and intuitive breakthroughs in 2 Personal Years, particularly May to July. Sometimes our 2 Personal Year is a highly charged Master 11 Year – these years bring extra opportunities for growth and being a spiritual messenger. More on Soulmates and attracting your equal. You can also check out my 11:11 page if you’re seeing repeating numbers.

3 Personal Year – Creativity. Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra (personal power, choices and inner child healing – see my 2019 forecast). Time to travel, take up a hobby, have kids, juggle jobs or release frustration. You’ll feel the need to speak up, work in productive teams and clear the air. A good time to pick up new ideas, especially in February and November. I studied Holistic Counselling in my 3 Personal Year. More on the Solar Plexus Chakra  – your inner doctor, inner leader and inner critic/ genius self.

4 Personal Year – Security. Healing the Heart Chakra (forgiveness, structure, delegation and commitment). Health, finances, males and discipline issues come to the fore. May-June is a peak period for letting go of your old belief systems. Listen to your heart. If it needs you to slow down, trust it’s for your highest good. I often read for people in 4 Personal Years as it’s when they ‘go back to doing what they love’ and let go of people-pleasing. If your 4 Personal Year is a Master 22 Year expect double potential for changing the world through patience and dedication to big picture projects or cooperative ventures. During my 4 Personal Year I was training an assistant and learning the hard way that self-care must come before self-sacrifice. More on forgiving your family and parents. Also see this post on how letting people down can raise you up.

5 Personal Year – Risk. Healing the Throat Chakra (truth, intuition, moderation, inner voice and listening). You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone. New ideas rush in and demand your attention – May and September can be pivotal months for expansion. A time for experimental, short-term projects. In my 5 Personal Year, I had a breakup on 11.11.11, started this blog and left my stable career to launch my psychic business full-time. It was a heck of a ride! More on the Throat Chakra and relieving a stiff neck.

6 Personal Year – Love. Healing the Third Eye Chakra (love, vision, harmony, creativity). A common time to move or renovate your home, especially from April. You’ll want to nurture yourself. Work/ life balance becomes a priority. Family and loved ones may need your assistance. It’s common to meet partners and/ or decide to separate if your relationship has outgrown its purpose. If your Personal Year is a Master 33 Year it can be a massive opportunity to be a whistleblower, high flyer and/ or spiritual rockstar in the spotlight. In my 6 Personal Year, I spent most of my time on the Gold Coast (a Master 33 vibration place) eating healthy food with friends. I also did some life-changing courses, and met my husband Kris Anderson (a Tarot Reader – see the photo of us) in my 6 Personal Year, 6 Personal Month. More on water and your Third Eye Chakra.

7 Personal Year – Wisdom. Healing the Crown Chakra (self-respect, spirituality, wisdom). You’ll crave peace and simplicity. It’s a period of learning by experience. You may feel withdrawn and sensitive or go on breaks from your partner or family for personal or work reasons. That’s why it’s called the 7 Year Itch! Big months for change are March, July and December. Miracles are common as we are learning we are more than a body – our Souls will be craving prayer, nature and answers to our deepest questions about the meaning of life. In my 7 Personal Year, I had to surrender to the process big-time. Not only did I struggle financially, my anorexia peaked and I had to move in with Kris to save my life. I asked Spirit for help and next thing you know, I was asked to do commercial radio (see the interviews) and everything turned around! See my Angel Meditation and myth-busting tips for meditation.

8 Personal Year – Abundance. Healing the Karmic Chakra (abundance, lifelong patterns, giving back to the world and standing up for your values). Back to work – you’ll be needed on every front and must stay strong to make the most of opportunities. A time for big investments, sharing wealth and keeping promises. See my post on boosting your cashflow through chakra healing. Good exercise and sleep regimes will be crucial, especially in February and November when everything’s happening. Your physical circulation always reflects your social courage and financial flow. As I wrote in this post about Adriano Zumbo (see point 2.), we are heavily tested in our 8 Years on our integrity. It’s a time to light up the world, not burn out. In my 8 Personal Year, many of my dreams came true through effort, faith and help from powerful people – I read for various celebrities and met inspirational people such as Ian White from Australian Bush Flower Essences and Nat Cook.

9 Personal Year – Rewards & Conclusions. Healing the Soul Blueprint Chakra (universal healing, rewriting history, receiving your good and preparing for the next cycle). Congratulations! You’ve completed this round of life lessons. Well done. People will return from the past to help you to succeed. It’s time to wind things up, so that you can embrace a new life next year. A holiday or detox in September is deserved. You’ll need it by then! In my 9 Personal Year, I finally fell pregnant, resolved my eating disorder and moved into my dream place with Kris. I also went to court to defend my rights (we won) and studied Past Life Regression, which has transformed everything. This is a time to be the change you want to see, and look past your pain to the evolution possibilities. What you master in this lifetime stays with you forever – the long way to the top is worth it.

We also have Personal Months and Days. They are simple to calculate.

You just add the month to the Personal Year to find your Personal Month.
You add the day to the Personal Month to find your Personal Day.
If I am reading for Carly (as above) on 22 December 2018.
Carly is in a 5 Personal Year and December is the 12th month
So December is a (5+1+2) or 8 Personal Month for Carly
22 December is a (2+2+ 8) or 12/3 Personal Day.

This is a good day for Carly to think bigger, speak up, have a psychic reading, go to yoga or socialise. True story – I plan my readings and workshops on ‘power days’ for myself and clients. It’s what many high flyers, politicians and celebrities do, even if they don’t admit it in public! I say this based on actual experience.

September is ALWAYS a big month as it’s double energy (e.g. if you are in a 1 Personal Year, September is a 1 Personal Month). I call it the double trouble or double bliss month. It’s a productive time for people who are on track with their life purpose, but a testing period for those who have resisted necessary changes.

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Want to know more? Then check out my Numerology Courses. Hope you’ve enjoyed this explanation of Personal Years. I run my business based on numerology and the Moon cycles, so I know that this system is super accurate.

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