Turtle Power – My Story of Bullying at the United Nations

Turtle power! With a massive Hawksbill turtle shell gifted to Australia by PNG long ago. Sadly, these creatures no longer grow to this size. They are critically endangered. Like highly sensitive people, the odds are against their survival to old age (as I typed that the TV said ‘their survival’?! Wow.)

Did you know? In 2005 I worked in my dream job in sea turtle conservation at the United Nations. I was 24 and so naive.

On the first day, I asked my boss what time I would finish work. He glared at me and said ‘you go home when I tell you to go home’. It was downhill from there. By the end of 11 months, I had been shamed for whistling, talking, even having male visitors…I was a pale, nervous wreck.

So I wrote to my colleague to tell her I was being bullied. As she opened the email, my ex-boss walked to her computer. She gasped, as my message could have gotten me into great trouble.

Just like that, the computer burst into flames. Smoke filled the area. That was one of the first times I witnessed Spirit protect me from harm via technology.

(Another time, a stalker emailed me pretending to be a client. As I replied with my address, I realised what was happening and screamed ‘stop!’ Next thing, the computer shut down, preventing my reply from being sent. Amazing.)

Long story short, I left my government career behind after reporting my ex-boss to the Australian embassy.

Since then, I have been a whistleblower many times. I’m passionate about leaving the world a safer place, even if it costs me approval, money and friends.

Taking this photo of a giant turtle shell with Suki Kasinathan (a fellow greenie, who I trained in palmistry) reminds me that my work is not yet done. In numerology, Turtle has the same 24/6 vibration as Truth (!)

I’m still carrying armour around my heart chakra and it’s time to let go. The weight of the past is no longer needed for me to feel safe.

I just regained my voice after weeks of coughing (‘getting things off my chest’). Next steps are to declutter inside and out. And to move beyond grief. To sing again. Can you relate?

If so, see my July 2021 numerology forecast, as it’s about recovering from abuse and healing the inner child.

22:22 as I post!


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