New Workshop with Sarah & Kris – 11:11, Twin Flames and Finding Your Lightpath!

Join us at Bayside Red Tent for a Very Special Event on Sun 11/11 from 10 am – 12.30pm

11:11 Twin Flames and Finding Your Lightpath with Sarah Anderson (nee Yip) and Kris Anderson Bookings open

November 11 (11/11) is Remembrance Day – a time for peace and a gateway for oneness.
~Ever wondered why you’re seeing repeating numbers like 11:11, 111, 222, 333 on clocks and in daily life?
~Don’t worry, you haven’t lost your mind, you’ve finally entered your higher heart, and found your tribe.
~In this World First workshop, Sarah and Kris will go through the 11:11 awakening prompts and why they appear when you’re at a spiritual crossroads.
~The 4 stages of 11:11 opening and how to surf the waves of change (which often bring extreme sensitivity, new businesses Crystal Children, and abrupt changes of lifestyle and diet within 5-9 years.)
~Myths and truths around 11:11 Twin Flames (Sarah and Kris are 11:11 Soulmates with past-life connections)
~The meaning of commonly seen Spirit signs (like triple numbers and technology blips)
~a meditation to help you embrace the 11:11 energies, work with the 11:11 Guides and release your fear of seeing Spirit.

It is Sarah and Kris’s desire to share a realistic, yet exciting view of the 11:11 Shift. There’s so much information on the internet, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, or dismiss 11:11 as just an ‘Angel number.

A solid understanding of numerology, Soul contracts, and global change is essential for making the most of this phenomenon that’s bringing millions of people back to their core Lightpaths.

See Sarah’s 11:11 tips, Find Your Lifepath, Numerology Courses or Book a Reading with Sarah.

~Sarah is a professional psychic, numerologist, 11:11 blogger and mum from Brisbane. She transitioned from science, government, and fundraising to launch her business. Her aim is to free someone from fear every single day. Sarah’s entertaining and practical approach will give you comfort, and show you concrete ways you can regain your inner vision and Soul connection.

~Kris is a Tarot reader, actor, and dad who met Sarah during a palmistry demo (see the video – he was her ‘pretend’ lover!) Kris has beaten the odds to create a successful TV show, podcast and carve out a conscious life. His knowledge of alchemy and nature’s wisdom will bring forth your courage and restore your trust in magick.

Together, Sarah and Kris are a force for good, combining laughter with truth and lived-in experiences of mental health issues, addiction recovery and the power of unconditional kindness.

Space is limited to 40 people (Women and men are welcome at this one-off event) so book in soon.
This event is likely to sell out!! Your place is not reserved until you purchase your ticket.

As custom to our Red Tent circles, we will do our checking in and sharing circle. Everyone will have an opportunity to share if they wish to.

Tickets are $55 for RTA members and $65 for non-members.
Couples are $110 (RTA members and/ or non-members)

Get tickets here!

Refunds will not be issued. Places secured only after payment. Dress comfortably and come as you are.
We accept you as you are, no need to wear masks here. Bubs in arms welcome but please note there will be 15min of meditation where they might need to wait outside with you – Sarah and Kris can provide the meditation as a track for download later if needed.

We also offer membership with Red Tent Australia. Membership permits you to have discounted entry to ANY branch of the Red Tent plus many other benefits. Sarah is a Corporate Member and the Founder Jill Genet is a 29/11 lifepath like Sarah so they have a long history… To become a member visit our website

The benefits of becoming a member of Red Tent Australia are HUGE!
– Sisterhood & Connection; finding your tribe.
– Support networks: Online Forums & face-to-face gatherings each month.
– Access to holistic information & education
– Discounts on services and workshops
– Discounted entry to Red Tent Circles
– Discounted entry to RTA exclusive education programs
– Discounted admission to our Annual Red Tent Retreat!!
– Preferential booking to events and members-only events
– Discounted products on our website (natural, locally sourced, organic, beautiful and exclusive!!)

We look forward to seeing you at the Red Tent Australia Headquarters- Point Talburpin Hall, 29 McWilliams St, Redland Bay QLD.

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