The Heart Knows You Came Here for Victory – An 11:11 Poem for my 40th Birthday

An 11:11 poem for those who fear change

The heart knows you came here for victory
No question you chose this timeline
We see you as one of our best hopes
Beware of a limiting mind

An eagle can see the future
A moon reflects the past
When you combine logic and feeling
The answers come in very fast

As Earth goes into transition
You may want to give up the fight
To walk away and let the dark
Expand throughout the light

I urge you not to settle
You’re needed at the door
In speaking up
In reaching out
The world can birth new law

So close now to a breakthrough
The baby’s on the way
Show kindness to the hidden
There’s always time to play

This year is freedom coming
This moment is a song
Of consciousness and sacredness
You must know, you belong.

Written with love by Sarah on her 40th birthday and the 11:11 Angels, in honour of all who are creating the Age of Aquarius and who believe in the future of life on Earth.

WATCH me recite this poem on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (starts at 3min 44 seconds)

Photo by Sarah’s Dad, taken in Hong Kong on 22 Jan 2021. Shows an Eagle (21/3 vibration) or Black Kite (29/11 vibration) flying by the moon. No Photoshop used.

P.s. ‘The Eagle’ / lander of Apollo 11 was the name of the first spacecraft to land humans on the Moon. My Dad and I have always loved space age technologies!

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