2021 Numerology Forecast

Webinar: Your 2021 Numerology Forecast

Want to make 2021 the year your dreams take flight?

Looking for a month-by-month overview of numerology and astrology tips?

Love some life path-specific forecasts and meditations?

Seeing 11:11, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 or other repeating numbers?

Then this webinar is for you! (Now $22, was $77)

Why buy this class?

2021 is a Universal 5 Year of Radical Freedom and Truth, bringing clearing for our 5th/ throat chakras. With the world in crisis and capitalism (head over heart living) crumbling, now is THE best time to find creative sources of happiness, love, income and spirituality based on 11:11 equality (aka The Age of Aquarius).

What’s included:

Who this is for:

Anyone who wants to make 2021 their best year yet! The class is especially for those who see 11:11 and repeating numbers. Suitable for ages 16+, no prior knowledge needed.

Topics Covered:

Introduction and Why you see 11:11 (The 4 Stages of Awakening)

Meditation: Coming Home (an intimate Heart Chakra clearing and reset that connects you with your Soul wisdom)

2021’s Numerology and Review of 2020’s Lessons 
2021’s Chinese Astrology (Year of the Yin Metal Ox) Starts 12 Feb 
2021’s Greatest Themes and Threats 
Chakra Palmistry Preview 
2021’s Greatest Teachers 
The 555 Code – There’s more to life! 
Who will be in the spotlight? (5 Life Paths will be activated!) Also those with strong 5 numerology in their DOB, names and charts, plus anyone working in innovation, communications, technology, online business, medicine, healing, education and travel!

Tarot and the 5 Vibration (Presented by Kris Anderson, Tarot Reader and my 11:11 Twin Flame husband) – Lessons of The Hierophant, Temperance and the 5 of Pentacles/ Swords/ Cups/ Wands. An esoteric deep-dive.. 

Throat Chakra Healing and Animal Totems (incl. Thumb Palmistry

2021 Numerology and Astrology Chart (PDF) with key dates and moon changes  by month for Australian and International clients. The replay includes a 30 min discussion of findings, incl. Eclipses and Retrogrades. 

Personal Years in Numerology (PDF) 

This section includes 60 min of specific tips, affirmations and visualisations to heal you. Find Your Life Path here using your DOB 

Note: Although I cover 1-9, 11, 22, 33 and 44 Life Paths on my site, I provide combined tracks in this webinar (e.g. the Life Path 6 track covers 6s and 33s). Why? Because as an 11 Life Path, who specialises in Master Number holders (up to 33% of my clients), I believe we spend 80% of the time at our simpler vibration and it’s essential to firstly heal at this level.

Personal Year Interactions (intermediate numerology preview)

The Tree of Life (a transformational experience of ancestral and spiritual oneness to remind you of your healing potential)

Q&A, references and links. For convenience, all meditations and forecasts are provided as separate tracks for listening and download.

Now is THE best time to find creative sources of happiness, love, income and spirituality based on 11:11 equality

Buy Your 2021 Numerology Forecast for just $22 (was $77)!

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 You won’t find this combination of Numerology, Chinese and Western Astrology, Palmistry and Energy Forecasts anywhere else! 

As a globally known psychic, I am an expert in 11:11 sightings, numerology and predictions (see interviews). Readings with me start from $660 a session and I have a 3 month plus waitlist all year round. 

I spent months researching and tuning in via my weekly forecasts and readings. Although the contents are worth several times more, I have made it as affordable as possible, because education is freedom. 

Buy Your 2021 Numerology Forecast Today for just $22 (was $77)!

Feedback from Your 2021 Numerology Forecast webinar (A-Z by name)

Watch the video below for a preview of my style and 2021's Themes in Numerology

Why Learn from Us? (Sarah and Kris)

Thank You From Our Growing Family…

I am a scientist, ex-fundraiser and UN worker, who has created a successful business in the notoriously flaky psychic industry. Since 2007, my readings and classes have directly assisted over 4, 200 people (especially business leaders, spiritual healers and parents), and my blog and media work have reached millions more.

Apart from helping clients to find their purpose and path to abundance, I assist those who see 11:11 and repeating numbers to find their tribe.  I am a Master 29/11/2 Life Path who picked up numerology at age 29.

My Tarot reader husband Kris and I have 2.5 intuitive young sons (Ziggy is due Feb 2021). For us, people come before profit, and they always will. 

Let's move from the Old (one-size-fits-all) to the 11:11 Way (every one counts).

This class was recorded with a live audience via Zoom on Sunday 3 Jan 2021. Thank you to all who supported the creation of this unique event.

Hint: For a fantastic career and financial energy boost in 2021, I  recommend combining this forecast with Change for Good – A Spiritual Money webinar for $49.50 (was $110). It includes exercises and meditations to supercharge your ability to manifest wealth. You will be invited to add this class at checkout . 

Thank you in advance for your incredible support.

With love, Sarah, Kris and the 11:11 Guides

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