The Meaning of Your Thumb in Palmistry – Are you a Loner or a Foodie?

On the topic of breakups…so what’s a girl to do when she’s feeling a bit emotional? Well, if you check out someone’s thumb you can tell if they are more likely to reach for the Tim Tams or a good book.

A long, stiff thumb held close to the hand with an inward-bending tip (e.g. Nicole Kidman, and yours truly) belongs to someone who has a lot of willpower and prefers to work alone. They resist sharing their feelings and are more likely to have solo hobbies like reading and meditation. It’s easier for them to hold onto people and possessions than to let them go. It’s good for them to learn new skills so they remember what it’s like not to be an expert at everything.

A shorter, bendy thumb held away from the hand with an outward bending tip (e.g. Britney Spears and Oprah Winfrey) belongs to someone who prefers the support of a group. They are more open with their feelings (i.e. they are willing to cry in public) and love the comfort of food and friends. They will be generous with their material possessions, time and money, to the point of not keeping anything for themselves.

Palmistry alert: What type of thumb do you have? Do you prefer to work alone or with a group? Is it easy or hard for you to give things away like love and money? As you can imagine it’s easier for people to get along if they if have similar thumbs, but more often than not you’ll find that opposites attract! 🙂

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Amanda on Tuesday, 6 December 2011 9:56 PM
Keep up the blogging Sarah. Good work 🙂
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Odette Dumas on Wednesday, 15 August 2012 11:15 PM
Hola!I have been entertained by your blog. Your way of expressing your readings is creative and refreshing. A life long interest in skin patterns led me to discover and encounter a wide range of hand`s skin`s designs. I would like to know if you have much data upon a whirl on the Luna region? I have seen it on many exceptional career people ( like a nose in perfume industry ). Any views shall be considered. Does it clue you on my main fingerprint type? Thank you for your website, I’ll check back again. Love and laughter from Guatemala:)
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Sarah on Monday, 12 November 2012 4:02 PM
Hi Odette thanks again for your lovely feedback. Not sure if I replied to your query about a whirl on the Luna mount. There are differing views on this, I see it as an extremely original imagination, this is someone with a direct connection to source energy and divine inspiration. Other people have written that it can be a sign of mental illness if taken too far, because the person can become enamoured with their own visions…let me know what conclusions you come up with. Best wishes xx Sarah

Sarah on Monday, 12 November 2012 4:03 PM
Hi Odette – me again. A whirl as in a S shaped swirl can mean a woman who can relate to men well, and a man who relates to women well. A whorl (as in an island of concentric circles) indicates the connection to source I mentioned in my first comment…

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