The St Andrew’s Cross in Palmistry – Will You Save Lives?

SarahYip_StAndrewsCross_PalmistryDo you have the St Andrew’s Cross in palmistry? I do. So does my young son Charlie, born August 2017. Here’s what it means when you see it in your hands.

Right now, we’re in Mercury retrograde, which is the perfect time for psychic readingsfinding your lifepath and personal year. After many cases of synchronicity* and 11:11 sightings this week (every time I look at the clock, it’s 111, 222, 333 or a palindrome like 909), I knew I was in for a positive ‘shock’. Like many Starseeds, I see repeating numbers when I’m ready for the next step in consciousness. It’s how my Guides say Hello.

*For example:
-I made a meditation then Forrest pulled the Tao of Pooh from the shelf, which I’ve never read. I opened to a page about a waterfall, which was almost word for word what I’d recorded.
-I bought a box of baby formula for $4.39 (90% off) – Mercury retrograde is the best time for genuine discounts.
-I got severe gut pain as a client arrived. She had the same symptoms, which cleared in both of us, after we did an energy healing and meditation. See my Angel meditation.
-Forrest threw a cleaning scourer at me from the balcony, just as I saw dog poop on my shoes. How spooky, because’s he only 14 months old! Well, both his parents are psychics…

Who was St Andrew? 
The first disciple, and brother of St Peter, who was one of the ‘fishers of men’ referred to by Jesus in the Bible. The name Andrew means ‘brave’ – see Wikipedia. Andrew died by crucifixion on an X shaped cross.

What is the St Andrew’s Cross in palmistry?
A prominent X marking towards the base of your wrist, between your Life Line and Fate Line (see photo). The Life Line is the semi-circular line around your thumb muscle/ Venus Mount. It shows your vitality, and Root/ Sacral Chakras.
The Fate Line is a vertical or slanting line from your wrist towards your middle (Saturn) or index (Jupiter) finger. It shows your approach to responsibility/ work and Crown Chakra. Everyone has a Life Line, but not everyone has a Fate Line.

Please note, the St Andrew’s Cross is an unusual marking – when I posted this blog on facebook, many people claimed to have it, but upon closer inspection (i.e. photos) most of them were faint or partial. A strong one like mine (see the closeup below) is rare, which is neither good nor bad, just reality.

Don’t fall into the trap of ‘line envy’ – that’s what I tell students in my palmistry courses. Lines often appear and disappear as you use, or put aside your talents. You can definitely be a healer without this sign – see the Medical Stigmata.

SarahYip_StAndrewsCross_PalmistryCLOSEUPWhat does the St Andrew’s Cross mean in theory?
In traditional palmistry, it means that the bearer will save a life, or many lives during their lifetime. They are more motivated by altruism than personal gain, generally speaking.

It’s associated with activists and humanitarians, such as doctors, nurses and healers. Unless there is a charitable aspect to their lives, they tend to self-sabotage their success, prosperity and health. They want to be at the life/ death forefront of human evolution.  I recommend they get involved in causes which bring them childhood and heart-centred healing.

What talents are associated with the St Andrew’s Cross?
Firstly – check which hand it appears on. If it’s on your writing/ conscious/ active hand, you’re more likely to express this ability as an adult (age 20+), and in your career.

If it’s on your non-writing/ subconscious/ passive hand, you may use this ability in your personal life, with your family or keep it hidden. Think of an emergency worker or professional psychic and counsellor versus a wise aunty who dabbles in Tarot, that’s the difference. Palmistry FAQs’ – Which Hand Do I Read?

My experience with the St Andrew’s Cross
When I see clients with this marking, they often work in the medical or health fields, or have a strong desire to do so.

I have had St Andrew’s Crosses in both palms, since childhood. Most nights at dinner, my parents said I should become a doctor (perhaps it’s a Chinese thing!)

Despite a university entry mark in the top 1.35% of NSW (my home state), I failed my second medicine interview at Newcastle University and decided to pursue Environmental Science. At the time, this news devastated my family (and my ego), but it was the right decision for my sanity. I find blood a bit gross and can’t imagine ever sticking needles into people!

Between the ages of 21 and 30 I worked with the Australian Government, United Nations, NGOs and in charity fundraising. Always looking for my tribe and purpose. Never finding them. After many traumas, including the tsunami, ‘outing myself’ as a psychic, and a breakup on 11.11.2011, I started seeing 11:11 and pursuing numerology (which I first studied at 29 – my turning point as a Master 29/11 – find your lifepath).

Around 29, I discovered that my grandmother (amongst other relatives) had fatal depression, and vowed to break the cycle. It’s taken many epic fails to reset my thinking, love life and career. Finally, after years of blogging, therapy and self-healing, I overcame anorexia to fall pregnant at 34, gave birth to Forrest at 35 and got married to Kris last month, at 36.

I know my tribe and purpose now, in every cell of my body. I’m a spiritual researcher, who’s here to transform public scepticism into trust. The positive signs have been constant. From the day I opened a palmistry stall (and sold out), to my first TV interview (when I met Kris – see the video), to my radio gigs with 97.3FM (which led to 80+ bookings and an office). Every time I’ve tried to close shop, a VIP client like Lorna Jane Clarkson, or Robin Bailey has turned up (see my VIP readings).

So, not only have I stayed sane by following my path, I’ve helped 2500+ people to love their quirks too. It’s obvious that psychic readings are my healing. That’s why I never stopped them, even when I had no money, food, hope, or support…I knew these were all tests, which would pass.

In Conclusion
I may or may not have saved other people’s lives through environmental, charity and spiritual work. Perhaps by funding a well in Africa, or giving someone hope I have done so, but most certainly, I’ve saved my own life.

By switching relationships, diet (I eat organic), water, career and lifestyle since seeing 11:11, I’ve avoided stagnating in a difficult job or marriage, reduced my chances of suicide, and given my children a shot at spiritual and financial freedom with a mother who is emotionally available. Mama ducks need to fly high if they want to inspire their ducklings to leave the nest.

I hope this post has given you food for thought. Sure, you don’t need a St Andrew’s Cross to bring peace to the world, but if you do have this marking, please, follow your gut. You came here to play big.

I’m not saying the path will be easy, but it will be exhilarating. After all, diamonds need the right kind of pressure to form.

Seeing 11:11 means ‘here’s a chance for alignment’. Follow the signals and everything will compute. I know this is true.

11:11 Do you see alone-ness or all-oneness?
1111ness – it’s not an i11ness, it’s a he11o from Source.

Every 1 is equal. You are an Angel!

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This helpful video by Shwetank Johri discusses how a St Andrew’s Cross can be used in a physical (rescuing people) or emotional way (lifting them out of depression).

Special thanks to:
Lotus Kruse and our Money Love group – Lotus, your money coaching was worth the price of the course. I’m having a personal 66/12/3 day in numerology, which is about double ‘Third Eye opening’, mind expansion and transformation. Yay.
Jill Genet from Red Tent Australia – Star sister, we got this.
Catherine, a doctor who told me I’m a doctor too 🙂
Diane Dominique, Kris Anderson and Forrest my son, thanks for believing in me, even when I don’t…11:11 Soul tribe unite.
Nahko and Medicine for the People – Best. Music. Ever.


Comments (taken from my previous site):

Judith on Tuesday, 25 April 2017 10:10 AM
Hello Sarah. I started following you when I had a bad health scare late last year. I have discovered I am a Master 33 and have been seeing repeating numbers frequently since. I too believe I have a St Andrews cross on my left palm. In 2008 I donated my left kidney to my sister. Late last year she gave me a crystal reading, which I believe has helped my thinking change. So many ‘coincidences’ have occurred since. The sceptic in me is still questioning these coincidences. I would love to have a reading with you one day. Reply to comment

Sarah Yip on Thursday, 27 April 2017 4:33 PM
Hi Judith, glad to hear from you, always happy to meet another 11:11 See’r. The cross in your left hand would make sense, as this is the use of healing abilities particularly with our families and loved ones…I don’t believe in coincidences anymore, just well-observed miracles. Please sign up for articles on my homepage if not done already as I would love to stay in touch. See you when you are ready, cheers Sarah

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