8 Ways I’ve Used Crystal Healing to Restore My Mental Health and Psychic Powers

Crystals are ancient wisdom-keepers, and learning crystal healing brings back the part of you that knows you are a powerful Soul. So many people stress about day-to-day things like their phone bills and wrinkles, despite the fact that they created their bodies from a tiny human egg! That’s like God worrying about lint on a sleeve – a waste of energy.

That’s where tools like crystals, numerology, palmistry and cards (Tarot and Oracle) can return us to consciousness. As we gain evidence that life reflects our expectations, actions and spiritual maturity, we remember that we have had past lives as healers and have chosen a mission on Earth at this time. We stop scattering and start ‘mattering’.

Since surviving a huge breakup on 11.11.11 and near death experiences, I have helped people from around the world to explore their life purpose, understand why they see 11:11 and repeating numbers, clear family trauma, connect to their Starseed origins and most importantly, become ethical leaders in their communities, financial and personal lives.

It wasn’t something I did consciously – I just wanted to be happy. As I recovered my mental health and psychic powers with the help of my husband and Twin Flame, Kris Anderson), friends, clients, colleagues and mentors, I kept sharing the methods that worked for me.

That’s why this blog now has 500+ articles! It’s taken me a long time to separate the genuine psychics from the fake ones. To find people who cared about my future and not just their ego or short-term bank balance.

Here is an article about one of the technologies I have not talked about much until now – crystal healing. I guess the scientist part of me wasn’t quite ready to let you know all of my secret passions!

Last night, I launched the replay of Crystal Healing for 11:11 Starseeds, my first collaborative webinar. It’s taught by my crystal healer and dear friend Deniz Akan from Dimensional Healing. I have known Deniz for almost a decade now and we have worked with hundreds of clients together on areas like psychic ability, fertility and prosperity.

This is such a special class that it took me three times as long to edit, because every time I watched it, I went into a peaceful trance. Not to mention, I’m 37+ weeks pregnant and highly sensitive.

Want to make your own grids? Click on the Andara Crystals to learn about our Crystal Healing webinar and buy it for download ($88 if you use coupon code 1111STARSEEDS before 13 March 2021). The class includes a group healing track and full colour notes!

To assist you to clear your scepticism about crystals, here are 8 Ways I’ve Used Crystal Healing to Restore My Mental Health and Psychic Powers. I’ve listed the stories in chronological order.

1) Rose Quartz Protection
– When I graduated high school in 1999, I went to ‘Schoolies’ to celebrate. We stopped by Crystal Castle on our way and I chose a rose quartz (the stone of unconditional love) as a souvenir. It fit my hand like it was meant for me. Although I collected rocks obsessively as a child, I hadn’t bought a crystal under then. I never made the correlation until today, but that trip showed me that I was here to be a guide for others.

When those around me got drunk and started walking onto the road , I stayed quite sober and helped them to stay safe and recover after they passed out. I found a core of patience inside that I never knew I had. 20 years later, I’m using the same rose quartz as the centre of my birthing grid for Ziggy Starbump (due 28 Feb 2021).

(Whoa – my 5yo son Forrest just woke up, walked in and said ‘where’s my crystal?’ He’s got a lucky quartz in his bedroom. That’s the first time he has asked me to find it. Guess I’m meant to be writing this post!)

2) Transference Healing – During one of my early Mind Body Spirit Festival appearances in the psychic reading room in 2008-2009, I was asked to read for a high profile client. It was Alexis Cartwright from Transference Healing (a 29/11/2 life path like me). Alexis was so kind. She invited me to visit her healing centre in Sydney. I remember seeing the gallery of crystals and feeling like I was home. It was only years later that I accepted I was a Starseed. Crystals carry weight, literally and spiritually. Just looking at them, puts life into perspective. Some are millions of years old!

3) Jade Awakening – I am a 29/11/2 life path in numerology, which means I found the key to my purpose in 2010, at age 29 (with childhood turning points at 11 and 2). That was when I discovered the line of mental health issues in my family during a vacation, and realised that I had to ‘come out’ as a psychic or I might go mad and die early. Find your life path

During that visit to Singapore, my late Aunty gave me a beautiful jade pendant (the stone of purity and heart), which I still wear now. She was the only relative I’ve ever had who believed in numerology too and I still miss her. When I wear her jade, I feel able to keep going with my purpose. Her death also relieved my fear of ghosts. I talked about her in a recent issue of That’s Life magazine (blog coming) – see the cover photo above.

4) Crystal Healings with Deniz
– I won’t deny that the first few times I had healings with Deniz Akan, I didn’t think much was happening. I just enjoyed the deep sleep that followed her treatments. Yet after about a dozen sessions, my clairvoyance (clear seeing) began returning – I also changed my water supply and was meditating more then.

Being able to see Spirit was a joy – it was something I had blocked since childhood and gave my readings an edge. I had been doing palmistry and numerology ‘by the book.’ Once my vision came back, I had faster results with clients, e.g. I ‘saw’ one woman’s favourite underwear and drew them, dissolving her doubts. Her feedback is still on my testimonials page:

“This was my first psychic reading ever. Sarah gave me a great reading and I instantly felt at ease with her. She gave me advice which confirmed the thoughts and feelings I already had. Sarah was even able to describe my favourite pair of undies – Bridget Jones knickers! I feel stronger and more aware after my session and am looking forward to my bright future. Thank you Sarah!” Jessica

When I was pregnant, Deniz encouraged me to switch to Zoom readings as they are gentler on the body. Her ability to send distance healings convinced me that I could do something similar. Since then my business has easily doubled. Deniz lists stones and explains grids for energy protection, intuition and abundance in our class.

5) Australian Bush Flower Essences – Founder Ian White is a numerology colleague and great friend who’s helped me countless times since we met in 2014. He always knowns when to call me with inspiring suggestions.

His story about the Higher Self Essence has stayed with me since he first told it in class. Basically, he carried a rose quartz for two years, intending to give it to his daughter Grace on her wedding day (she is also a 29/11/2 life path). But when he went to Palenque, Mexico to make a flower essence, his Guides told him to bury the crystal for a year.

It was a hard thing for him to part with it. 14 months later, he returned and the essence he made led to the White Light range (which I partially reviewed here). FYI White Light has an 11:11 numerology (see the word-number system I use on this page)

So often, I’ve bought an expensive or beautiful crystal, only to have it break or disappear (or want to be given away). So they teach us about non-attachment. The word CRYSTALS has a 27/9 numerology, the same as MONEY, CHILD, SCHOOL, WITCH, EMPATH and LEADER. All things and people that we need to handle with care – 9 energy teaches us about letting go and letting God for the benefit of humanity. Deniz talks about broken and ‘missing’ crystals in our webinar.

6) Diamonds are forever – When Kris proposed to me in 2016, he gave me his grandmother’s diamond engagement ring. I have slender fingers, as did she, so it was almost the perfect fit. Holding her ring, I often get visions and feelings from her life – she had a long, happy marriage which was also cross-cultural (she was part-Japanese and married an American).

There’s no question that jewellery and personal objects store memories (hence psychometry readings). So be sure to ‘clear’ and bless your pieces, especially if they are second hand or you’ve had a difficult time recently. Deniz also covers crystal clearing and activation in our class.

7) The Crystal Children – I write frequently about the new children (born 2000-), who love crystal healing, readings and all things new age. Deniz and I had many attendee’s kids and animals join us on the call. My sons are no exception. Charlie (our 3yo) has never taken his amber teething necklace off and both boys love playing with my crystal collection and sprays. Deniz talks about crystals having a life force, or ‘being’ inside them in our webinar – that’s why it’s important not to just buy them for decoration.

Crystals dislike being permanently left on a shelf or in a cupboard – they want to be part of your life and to give and receive energy. This aspect reminds me of children – in the past they were ‘seen and not heard’ but this is such an outdated belief. In reality, children (and crystals) know more that we do about Spirit and can open us up to miracles. We need to listen to their messages and let them help us to evolve.

8) Spiritual Telephones – These days, I regularly use crystals with clients to help them to connect with baby Spirits, their therapy businesses, potential new business ideas, to attract money, talk to their Spirit Guides, and even to find their next property (rental or owned). I do this very simply, using a crystal as a conduit for messages. Everything is recorded on video for reference and the feedback has been very positive.

As someone who used to doubt themselves all the time, I can’t tell you how helpful crystals and other energy healing techniques have been for restoring my mental health, psychic trust and courage.

There’s a saying ‘faith it until you make it’. In other words, draw on the strength of other people and proven techniques to get you out of crises, then give back as much as you can. Although I can’t share all my processes in this blog, if what I’ve shared today has inspired you, please, check out Crystal Healing for 11:11 Starseeds – A Webinar with Deniz Akan and Sarah Yip. It includes:

  • An insight-packed 3.5 hour video replay with step-by-step tips to master crystal clearing, activation and simple grid creation,
  • 11:11 Starseed Channelling & Healing (23min track), and a
  • 33 page full colour notes package (PDF)
Investment: $88 (was $110) if you use coupon code 1111STARSEEDS before 13 March 2021.  

Want to save more? Join Sarah’s Patreon community from 11 USD a month and buy this class for $77. You’ll also receive access to a private Facebook group, regular Q&A and other specials.

Thank you in advance and we look forwards to seeing your grids!

A sample healing from Deniz Akan is below (starts 38min) – it will give you goosebumps! I’ve also included one of her meditation tracks called Integration to original innocence (purity).

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