37 Weeks Pregnant and Almost 6 Foot Tall – Yep, I’m a Woman with Altitude

37 weeks today! You’ll rarely see me post a full length photo but here’s a one off (see the Facebook post). I’m almost 6 foot tall (and in the top 1% for Asian females height-wise). Most of my life I got told that was a bad thing, that I’d never find a husband or looked like a guy. I was asked not to eat. Not to jump.

Only in mid-life have I seen being ‘big’ as an asset. People look up to you. You can reach the top shelf. You can hold multiple kids in a hug…

This year I put on 20kg, which is saying something if you know I had an eating disorder until 2016. I’m now 10kg more than when I birthed Forrest and Charlie.

The funny thing is the hospital still insists my fundal height is too low (as for all my pregnancies) so I’ve had a lot of scans to check Ziggy’s size (he’s perfect).

I’m glad I got help with my mental issues before having kids, or the stress would do my head in. It’s still a daily balance.

Message for today: let other people worry about their figures (physical, financial, whatever). You just focus on wellbeing. Be proud of your body (of work) and most of all, when people say your babies (and ideas) don’t fit the mould, stand up for your dreams. Question their evidence.

Leaders are dealers (an anagram). They change the future one conversation at a time. Whether you’re parenting a kid or any other commitment, face your critics head on and don’t let them shrink you down.

Your growth gives us energy. Your laughter gives us hope. Your words give us freedom. Grow up, up, up and be an 11:11 bridge of light from Earth to Heaven.

P.S. There’s a comic by Judy Horacek about a woman with altitude, see below. It’s so right for the year ahead and helped me a lot when I first saw it. My Mum also loves it.

P.p.s I’m posting this in honour of Brydie Walker McBain and her poem about parenting, which she did in a paddock with a bull. The Chinese Year of the Ox starts this week – it’s all about steadiness and owning your power.

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