13 Spiritual Tips for Finding A Rental⁣⁣ Property

Here’s how to spiritually manifest an incredible property! We’ve just found a fantastic home on the Gold Coast. Here are some practical suggestions if you’re looking for a rental and want to use more than logic and luck! These tips also work for manifesting a long-term property for purchase, or business property, etc.

1 Sept 2022 – We just manifested a new rental (number 8) on 8.8.2022! We’ll be moving to Northern NSW to be closer to The Village School. See the Facebook and Instagram posts for extra tips and ‘spells’ you can use to secure a property.

Why trust me? I recently spoke at Dymphna Boholt’s Platinum Conference and booked out for 2022! She is Australia’s leading real estate educator and property investor. My article on house numerology is on realestate.com.au and has been used around the world by many agencies.

1) Write a list of what you want, it’s more powerful than typing (although typing it out is fine too). The hands are the tips of our heart chakras. Fill out 4 columns: must haves / nice to have / can live with/ deal breakers. Include dates for finding the property and for moving in. Update it over time.⁣ Be specific – our latest property wasn’t available until I crossed out ‘available by latest Oct 2022’ and put an actual move date!

⁣ It’s important to brainstorm the list with yourself first, and then with your loved ones, including children. A home is a sacred temple for all of you. Some people have their kids create a welcome card or letter for their new place, which you could place on an altar with a crystal grid (mentioned below). Remember, the new generation are ultra-psychic and connected to Source, so enlisting their help can only be a positive thing.
2) Read the list out loud daily, this activates intuition and gets you used to speaking up.⁣⁣ That way, when someone asks you ‘what are you looking for?’ you sound more confident and decisive, which also accelerates manifestation.

I encourage you to ask someone to read the list back to you and imagine yourself as the house/ land Spirit at the receiving end. Does the list feel kind? Is there a sense of give and take? It is a relationship, after all.
3) Visualise your new home, how it looks, feels, sounds, even signing the lease and having the housewarming. Start searching. Connect with the Spirit of your current home. Say a proper goodbye and thank you and start packing. Without this, you may find it hard to manifest a new place.

⁣⁣It’s vital to leave your current property in wonderful shape and to do your best to find great new tenants or owners. Until you commit to leaving your present location with kindness, the Universe may not meet you halfway.

I like to say a prayer to the home and list the things I’ve learned while living there, then give it a blessing e.g. prayer flags, bury some crystals etc. BTW creating a crystal grid can accelerate finding a home. I also recommend clearing your present house as a thank you.

You can talk to the Spirit of the home you are calling in (through prayer, meditation, journalling etc.) Speaking out loud works best.
4) Some people fall in love at first sight while others like to look around. See my Soulmates post for palmistry tips. If you have big knuckles like me (I am a scientist), don’t skip steps. ⁣⁣
5) Walk around places you like. Are the neighbours calm? Ask passersby how long they’ve been in the area and what they enjoy.⁣⁣
6) Look at satellite pics and maps of the rentals to check for roads, power lines, shops, parks. Calculate how long it will take to get to work / school.⁣⁣
7) Look up rental and sales history. A home that’s rented by new tenants every year is not stable or may be priced too low or high. I prefer places where the current owners built the property or it hasn’t rented out much. Either way, I clear the site (see Deniz Akan from Dimensional Healing or Dr Mahdi Mason– both work remotely and within Australia).
8) Check basic Feng Shui (and/ or see my post, What Your House Says About You) and the address (see my House Numbers and Property Numerology post). You want a place to prosper you, not cripple you like ill-fitting shoes you got on sale!⁣⁣
9) Ask why the last tenants moved out and when. You can’t beat the odds all the time. Breakup? Lost a job? Red flag. Bought a house? Had a baby? A promotion? Awesome.

Once, I asked some tenants why they were moving out. The girl’s face went white and she said ‘I don’t want to say’. That told me everything. Later on, I found out that the property’s owners lived next door and they monitor everything that happens – definitely not the right place for us!

To be honest, I also knew it wasn’t a fit because the people had an issue with me being a psychic as well (the sign is on my car). I’m glad I didn’t hide who I was, as it made it faster for me to let go and let God.
10) Don’t rent on price alone. That’s like dating based on bank balance, a bit iffy!⁣⁣ Yes, it is important, but a great property will enhance your prosperity.
11) Stay open to signs. I see butterflies, 11:11 etc when I am on track. I saw a 281SIX number plate after applying for a no.6 house with my 28/10/1 lifepath husband. We got it.⁣⁣ More on licence plate Spirit Signs
12) Look for a property manager and owner who cares. Their energy can lift a so-so house to wonderful. ⁣⁣I like to live in places that are paid off or where the owners are not financially stressed. I find they tend to be more realistic when it comes to negotiating rent rises, etc.
13) If all else fails, get creative. Share. Go regional. Consider a tiny home. Go off grid. Renovate a bus?! Good luck to you all xx ⁣⁣

P.s. this is the fairy altar and door at our current place, she is sweet huh? I include house numerology analysis in psychic readings on request and also do stand-alone consultations – email me for a quote.

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