Giants Of The Sky! My Pink Flamingo Music Video Debut (Emma Dean & Cheep Trill)

Part 1 – Flamingo to the core! Felt bad leaving Forrest on my night off, but I needed to sing and dance as a superhero bird for Emma Dean‘s new Youtube video, Giants of the Sky – see below!

I dressed as a flamingo because a) I love the tropics b) I’ve been teased for skinny legs and being almost 6 foot tall most of my life c) I had a past life as a flamingo alien where we sent healing to other planets (not kidding) and d) Someone said I looked ugly in this jumper and I wanted to reclaim my power. ⁣

Flamingo has a 41/5 Rebel numerology, the same as Jedi Master. These animals represent emotional balance and even look like a 2 stuck on an 11, which fits my 11/2 lifepath to a tee. ⁣Find your lifepath

I used to hate wearing pink – being female – being human – being sensitive. Now I wear it with glee. I love being a feeler, cos feelers are healers. ⁣

Pink has a 23/5 Rebel numerology, like Life and Apple…it’s the colour of health, love and baby cheeks and a reminder that while we might look black, yellow, brown or white on the outside, we’re all tickled pink by the same things. 5 Energy and music heals the Throat Chakra – see the 5 Spiritual Causes of a Stiff Neck

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Part 2 – We are the Pink Ladies! With Helen, another soprano. She has a sister called Sarah. I have a sister, Helen. No wonder we gel 😀

As part of our Brisbane choir, Cheep Trill run by Emma Dean, we’ve performed in Queen St Mall, at Southbank, QLD Music Festival and recorded a track. They also travel to Italy. I can’t recommend joining enough. They advertise twice a year – no auditions needed – and the 150ish places go like hotcakes!

FYI, Emma Dean is an inspiring 28/10/1 Pioneer lifepath like many female stars. Words like Starseed, Hero and Samurai have a 28/10/1 numerology, because 1s are loyal, fierce and always fight for justice. My Soulmate, 11:11 Twin Flame and fellow Tarot Reader, Kris Anderson is this lifepath. Lifepath 1 Numerology – Prime Minister or Bad Boy?

Here’s what other 28/10/1 musicians did at or around their lifepath turning points of 28:

Alanis made her first solo-produced and written album, Janis Joplin’s album Pearl went to no. 1 after she sadly overdosed, Dr Maya Angelou toured with Porgy and Bess then recorded her first album and Dido released her first album then became famous for singing ‘Thank You with’ Eminem, another 28/10/1!

Many musicians love numerology and vice versa, because numbers are vibration and we all want to lift people up. This world needs less noise and more multi-part harmony. Like Cheep Trill Choir on Facebook

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Part 3 – Credits and Info for the Video Above

“Cheep Trill community choir is so excited to release our second single – ‘Giants Of The Sky’!

‘Giants Of The Sky’ was written as part of our song-writing workshop last year. It’s a song about finding the inner strength to let go of a relationship or situation that is not serving you anymore, and embrace your inner superhero!

We hope that you will spread the love by sharing our lil’ video far and wide! : )

We have three places left for this year’s song-writing workshop on 29 September and we aim to make this an annual thing by recording the song we come up with the following year and filming an epic music video! If you’re interested, register by emailing Corinne at !



Performed by the superheroes of Cheep Trill community choir (Term 2, 2019)

Words & Music by Dani Ashton, Emma Dean Music, Tony Dean, Felicia Hamilton Dennis, Yasmin Powell, Steve Richardson , Franny Bananny, Nadia Vanek, Kate Watkins and Jaspa Woolford-Clark

Piano and additional vocals by Emma Dean

Bass, drums, guitar and additional vocals by Tony Dean

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tony Dean from Tiny Dream Studios

Choreography by Linda Charlton (aka Kung Fu Pinda)

Filmed and Edited by Kate Davies from KD Photography

Logistics and management by Corinne Buzianczuk

Filmed at Enoggera Baptist Church and Nazareth Lutheran Church Hall in Woolloongabba!

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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years.

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