Dr Mahdi Mason – Property healings for better tenants and house sales – Interview with a 32/5 life path Rebel

Dr Mahdi Mason is an amazing energy healing colleague of mine, as well as a 32/5 life path Rebel in numerology. Find your life path.

Here’s what we cover in this fascinating interview:
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House got weird vibes? Not selling? Need new tenants? Dr Mahdi Mason is a land and house healer I’ve known since 2014. A 32/5 life path Rebel, she’s an environmental scientist with an MBA/ DBA and shamanic training.

5’s are here to blend the old and new and you’ll love our chat about:

-Mahdi’s turning points at 32 and 5 (she could hear voices as a child but is from a conservative family so had to find ways to simplify Spiritual messages from the get go)
-2021’s massive energies for change as a 5 Universal Year (I believe the world is heading for better times in 5-6 years but we need to pull together hard to bring the energies together)
-how talking to trees and your house can bring instant comfort and manifestation. I discuss Mahdi’s crystal grid for my home (and workplace) and how one suncatcher tipped us into a whole new ‘lease’ of life!

Enjoy. Mahdi is available for sessions and is teaching her land healing course in 2022. Her books are also excellent.

Her second book, Earth Healing: Healing the earth to heal ourselves, was released in late 2017 to critical acclaim and recently took out the international Body Mind Spirit book award for environmentalism.

Connect with Dr. Mahdi Mason:
Website – Dr Mahdi Mason
Instagram @ dr_mahdimason
Facebook – Dr Mahdi Mason

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