The Children’s Lines in Palmistry

Reading children’s lines in palmistry can be tricky! I know from experience that talking about babies is a trigger for wounded Souls. Here’s the story of an interesting confrontation I had while catching up with my money coach, Lotus Kruse.

Firstly, what are children’s lines and where do you find them?
They are vertical or near-vertical lines, which rise from our relationship lines. The number and quality can tell you how many kids you already have or may have. Baby spirits can ‘bookmark’ their parents years ahead of incarnation (see conscious parenting links below).

Relationship lines are located on the side of our palms, under the base of the pinky/ Mercury finger.  They travel horizontally, from left to right (see photo – this is my palm). They indicate our approach to love, but not always our number of marriages. I wrote about them in my article on Soulmates. The more relationship lines you have, the more interested you will be in romance, sexual and creative expression. I often see a strong link between the drive to know Good (or God in shorthand) and the desire for intimacy (into-me-see). As a Master 29/11 lifepath (Double Beginnings) in numerology, I can empathise.

Things to note:
-I focus on the active (writing) hand when reading children’s lines.
-I look at the children’s lines on the top-most relationship line (as per Paul Fenton Smith’s approach – see his excellent Youtube video on Palmistry – The Lines of Children)
-I read children’s lines from left to right but sometimes the order can be mixed up.
-Straight lines tend to indicate a male child or tomboyish female, while curved lines tend to indicate a female child or sensitive male. Incomplete or unusual lines can suggest Spirits who weren’t born or haven’t incarnated yet. I have a baby waiting in Spirit and she’s a faint line in my hand. Twins can look like a forked line however I haven’t seen enough of these to be sure.

I’m good at predicting how many kids someone has had, however gender’s not so easy. Many Crystal and Rainbow Children (born 1970- or 2000- depending on who you believe) are androgynous, so I just describe their personalities (and look at their lifepath in numerology). That’s far more helpful. In the end, we’re all Souls with past and future lives. Swapping genders, races, etc. between lifetimes is normal.  Until the age of 7 or so, children can act out their previous lifetimes, so it’s best not to pigeonhole them until they tell you who they are. Carol Bowman writes on children’s past lives, I also have many past life blogs

-Children’s lines can be faint unless you are raising a child (e.g. they live with you or you talk frequently). Mine got darker once I gave birth because that’s when I directed my energy into motherhood.
-Animals may appear as children if you love them alot. The lines show how many dependants you have, not what species they are!
-Several children’s lines can indicate multiple kids or that the person has a gift with children (often they are a teacher).

-Your lines can change. They are (neural) pathways that you’re constantly growing or shrinking. For example, my children’s lines changed number and depth as I mulled over whether to have kids. After birthing Forrest in 2016, my head line grew 1cm because I had more willpower and confidence. After birthing Charlie in 2017, my heart line grew 1cm because he’s so cuddly and joyful. I know this happened, because I read hands for a living and have an eye for detail. This is why it’s good to take photos of your hands, especially if you’re studying (see my palmistry workshops). We are all bodies of ever-dancing energy.

And now for my story…
I arrived in Mullumbimby feeling excited. It was only my second trip away from Charlie (who’s 18 months old) and I’d driven hours from Brisbane for the Deva Premal and Miten concert (see my readings for them). There was incense in the air as I pulled up to Pink Lotus Eatery. My money coach, Lotus Kruse had suggested we meet for Pho and her intuition was spot on. The soup was delicious!

It was so good to meet Lotus in person, as we’ve worked together for years. I deeply respect her work to help women recover their money confidence after breakups (see this post). Just as we were winding up, Lotus asked if I could check her children’s lines. She knew I was a palmreader, as that’s how my business started, long before I took up numerology and Tarot. I said ‘I get nervous talking about children’s lines in public because it freaks people out’, then we started chatting about hands.

Lotus said I was accurate about her palmistry, which was encouraging. When I showed her the lines for Forrest and Charlie (my sons) in my hand, I pointed to markings which can indicate miscarriage. I said that I’d had heavy periods before, which were super painful. It had been a long journey to go from an eating disorder to falling pregnant. As Lotus and I discussed this topic (in normal speaking voices), the woman behind us suddenly turned around.

‘We don’t need to hear about that!’ she said. Lotus and I were shocked. After all, we were in Mullumbimby – hippy-ville to the max.

We said ‘excuse me?’ and the woman repeated herself. Something in her tone set me off. It reminded me of all the people who’ve shot me down in life. I said ‘don’t worry, we’re going’, but Lotus stopped me. She asked the women to clarify herself as she wasn’t making a clear request. Was it our volume? The topic? What was the real issue here?

The woman said, ‘We can all hear you and it’s not something we want to listen to’ (or something to that effect – I was crying by then).

Lotus said ‘Can’t you see you’ve upset my friend?’ but the woman continued. She said ‘I’m saying this out of love, for her (pointing at me) own good. People shouldn’t talk about their private lives in public.’

Whoa. Although her words may read okay on paper, her tone was aggressive and dripping with condescension. I noted her husband and daughter (?) next to her, watching us. I also noted her appearance (posh and probably from out of town). At that point, I wanted to shrink to bug-size and crawl under my placemat.

Lotus didn’t give up. She turned to the woman and suggested that she did not state what she did out of love for me, and that to say so was insincere but that the woman wanted us to do as she insisted. Lotus told the lady that both she and Lotus were old enough to be more evolved then to shut a woman down in her expression in a world where women are constantly told to turn down her energy. She encouraged me to calm down but not shut down, before we left the cafe.

I took a long walk before going to Deva and Miten’s concert. There, I met up with my friend and fellow psychic in Brisbane, Vicki Haspels, who gave me the biggest hug. Vicki is one of my spiritual mentors and has helped me enormously to release the fear of criticism and seeing Spirits (mediumship).

Soon afterwards, I had a massive cry when Deva started talking about Miten’s grandchildren before they played ‘Shine Your Light’ – see video below. That’s the song I birthed Charlie to! So it gave me massive flashbacks to hear the chant live. I danced my way through the emotions and felt so much better afterwards.

With gratitude, I realised that I’m finally unkillable when it comes to mean people. Sure, I still cry but I don’t let them stop me from turning up for my happiness.

Thank you Lotus Kruse for another beautiful example of how to stand up to bullies. It was one of the first times in my life I felt like somebody had my back. You rock! I felt sorry for the woman’s daughter to be honest, because I know what it’s like to be around controlling people. However I also believe that we choose our families, in order to learn our lessons faster and deeper. So I trust that she’ll be okay in the long run.

As Dan Millman says, there are no ordinary moments (see my reading for him). I’m sure that the woman in the cafe was sent to provoke me (and vice versa) into catharsis. I often experience heightened worry and challenges just before a spiritual breakthrough (or seeing Lotus!) It’s like a kerbside cleanup. My Soul pushes me into dumping all my rubbish in one go, in a process that’s totally supportive. The same thing happens to my clients sometimes, before their readings with me. That’s why I moved to two or three part readings last year, so we can work through your fears of sharing from the heart. It gives both of us more chance to connect and learn. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and learned something new about yourself from it.

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