Hello Tink! Why I’ve Asked My Spirit Baby To Wait Two Years


Did you know? Spirit Babies can follow their parents around for years (if not lifetimes), before they incarnate. They may ‘bookmark’ us due to an interest in our lifepaths, lifestyles, healing abilities and other reasons like past life connections. That said, our relationship with them is always flexible, and either party can change their mind until the baby is actually born. We are all Souls, with free will and incredible magic powers.

Here’s an insight into my conversations with my third child (a Spirit Baby), who I’ve nicknamed Tink. As a psychic reader, I met my first two children (Forrest and Charlie) in meditation before conception, and still communicate with them telepathically now that they’re toddlers. I’ve also worked with clients, to help them to understand the spiritual reasons for miscarriage and to connect with future and current children. This is a passion of mine, as I believe all children deserve a positive upbringing and to be understood.

2019 is a 12/3 Year of Inner Child Healing and Creative Breakthroughs and many people will be resolving issues with their parents, self-confidence and fertility. FYI, these experiences with Tink inspired my past life regression post, A Mother’s Sacrifice.

May 2021 updatesOur third child Ziggy has landed! He a boy, not a girl but has many of the characteristics of Tink as described in this blog. 

Tink Appears! 24 Oct 2018 (see facebook post for reader comments)

Hello Tink! Thanks for your Spirit Signs and Patience

So…Kris my husband did a Tarot reading for me and after being gobsmacked by his accuracy I asked ‘is there a third child?’ He shuffled the Heart of Faerie Oracle and this card FLEW out, almost hitting me (see photo). A fairy girl called Tink, looking annoyed. Tink is about ‘independence, freedom of expression and standing your ground’. Omg. Exactly how I see my inner child. I pulled a card for ‘is she a Spirit waiting?’ and got the Page of Cups, twice (a yes).

I checked my palmistry for children’s lines (which can change – will blog on this topic – until then, see this video by Paul Fenton-Smith) and saw 3 (boy, boy, girl). Then I went quiet and stopped eating because my greatest fear is having a girl who ends up hating me. As an 11/2 lifepath, I’m healing a 2nd (Sacral) chakra wound and that’s all about intimacy and feminine power. Hence the double photo of Tink, she’s possibly my mirror!

Worked through some of this fear today with Naomi Berg from Purple Skirt, who is a 40/4 Heart Healer lifepath in her lifepath turning point (40yo). Find your lifepath. Naomi is an Angel among Angels. No kidding, her little daughter(a 21/3 lifepath like my son Charlie) came to our Personal Training (PT) session and was helping me to stretch, all while complimenting my sparkly trackpants, purple glasses and offering me nuts. Super emotional. I believe we can turn away or accept Spirit Babies in negotiation with our Higher Selves and Spirit Guides.

Not sure what comes next as I feel pretty done right now (am still nursing Charlie and sooo busy) but just thought I’d share, as many couples come to me wanting to know about the spiritual side of conception.

P.s. Oh yeah, and MOTHER adds to 34/7 in numerology, the same as Flower, Purple and Pleasure, what synchronicity!

Reflecting on Babies, 24 Oct 2018

Our Beautiful Sons, Niece and Nephew

Babies galore! Our families now have a 1 (Kris), 2 (me and Jodie), 3 (Charlie and my sister), 4 (Barb), 5 (Bob and my Dad), 6 (Phoenix), 7 (Mimosa), 8 (my Mum) and 9’s (Foz and Kieran). The full caboodle of fun!

A few years ago, I thought we might never have kids…the doctor wouldn’t give me birth control because she said I only had a small window to fall pregnant as I was 35 and the eating disorder had probably affected my fertility. Well, here we are, two sons later…it’s amazing what a deadline can do for productivity! I always do cram things in at the last minute…must be a Master 11 Lifepath thing. To my sister Helen, thanks for this truly amazing photo xx

Forrest goes to Montessori Daycare, 24 Oct 2018

Forrest is an 18/9 Old Soul lifepath – the same vibration as the word LOVE!

After a minor lipstick incident (in which he applied too much ‘love’ – the name of my Hemp Organics lipstick), Forrest is ready for his first day at daycare!! I have hardly slept in anticipation had my heart set on Steiner care but then a place at Montessori opened up 5min away.

Maria Montessori was a progressive doctor and 28/10/1 Pioneer. Kris is also this path. We feel their focus on the child’s learning and independence will be a good fit as Forrest already has a spiritual home life (which Steiner is great for – he was either a 7 or 9 Old Soul lifepath). See how we go! Btw LOVE adds to 18/9, the same as PLAY and Forrest’s lifepath…he really has made me believe in goodness again.

Oh, and I just found out, the class goldfish is called…lipstick

Asking Tink to Wait – An Emotional Day, 26 Oct 2018

Carmen Low is a Running Coach and Kinesiologist

Thank you Carmen Low for an incredible phone coaching / kinesiology session. 9 years of working together and you just keep getting better! I have cried my guts out since we talked to that baby girl spirit on Wednesday!!

It was the same day as Forrest started childcare – so many endings and beginnings. For those following my story of Tink, our daughter in spirit form, I’ve asked her to wait 2 years and recorded a love letter to her on my phone. I’m just not ready atm, my body is tiiiired after having 2 kids in 2 years.

As I prayed to her out loud, I experienced 8 minutes of full body goosebumps, kisses on my cheek and the sensation of a child holding my hand. It was like a movie.

Thank you Naomi Berg​​, Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse​​ and Deniz Akan​​ for some serious support and lifetime healing around this too. Kris​​ I love you and let’s keep up the magic.

P.s. Carmen is a 31/4 Heart Healer and freaking awesome at helping you to make intuitive decisions and to run free xx

Dragonfly from the Animal Magic Deck

Dragonfly Confirmation, 26 Oct 2018

Tink (the baby spirit following me) showed herself as a dragonfly / fairy before she left yesterday. Before bed, I picked a card from the Animal Magic deck by Transference Healing …yep, it was a divinely glowing dragonfly! Alexis Cartwright is a 29/11 Spiritual Messenger (same as me), we met at the start of my career and she really helped me to find my voice. I’ve been picking & studying a message from this 56 (adds to 11!) card deck a day for almost a year. The meanings are so deep and have a strong 11:11 Ascension connection. Love the power of this tool for healing.

According to the deck, dragonfly brings clarity and enlightenment. In numerology it has 48/12/3 energy, the same as words like Intention…12/3 heals the first three chakras, releasing our creativity (Art, Sex and Baby all add to 12/3! 2019 is a 12/3 Universal Year for Earth) Guess this totem is reminding me to focus on joy and taking life more lightly right…soaring through the many changes.

Enjoying Halloween, 2 Nov 2018

Forrest Charlie and Sarah at Halloween Face Painting

Forrest getting his trees on! Went to Officeworks at Halloween and they had face painting…almost fell over when the girl painted a 111…not quite 11:11 but close!

True story, the day Kris and I were deciding names, Kris suggested Forrest or Forest as we live by the bush. We turned the TV and it was the opening titles of Forrest Gump. Within a week, Kris also met a Forrest and I got emailed by a Forrest. Easy choice!

Middle name took a while though. I argued with Forrest Bump for weeks after birth because he wanted Galahad (a name I had to Google!) I didn’t want him to have a 99/18/9 name as he’s an 18/9 Old Soul and I was concerned it was too heavy. After many telepathic debates (which would have looked like baby staring competitions to others), I gave in.

Funny how Charlie’s middle name is Kingfisher, because the Fisher King was saved by Galahad. I cried when I figured that out. All babies arrive here so perfect. When we listen to them, they can tell us their purpose and needs clearer than any parenting book…tune into your baby or inner child today and ask them what would give them joy

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