The People Who Say You Don’t Need Protection Are The Ones to Avoid

The people who say you don’t need protection are the people you need to protect yourself from. No one is above Universal law, and that’s a good thing!

I’m reading Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King (a 33/6 lifepath) while staying in a no.33 house. I call 33 the double big mouth number because 3 looks like lips. Find your lifepath

33 is the vibration of Wake Up Call, People, Priest, Teacher and Rockstar. On the subject of making noise, I want to share some ‘pops’ I got in meditation today.

The energy workers who say you don’t need to protect your vibes or clear your space are the ones to avoid.

The lovers who say you don’t need a condom and should take their word for it are the ones to avoid.

The teachers who say you should give all your work away and be grateful for the attention instead of valuing your life force are the ones to avoid.

The sharks who say you can get away with tax fraud because everyone else cheats are the ones to avoid.

The ‘experts’ who say you don’t need to wash your hands because germs are a lie are the ones to avoid. Just look up childbed fever.

These people are stuck in ego (solar plexus or 3rd chakra) dysfunction. They think they are bigger than Universal law. They still resent their daddies. No one has managed to convince them that Earth is a place of rules.

Bodies need exercise and care. Minds need education and pruning. Souls need attuning. Nature needs respecting.

Follow these rules and you’ll have an amazing life. Routine and Freedom have the same vibe (39/12/3) because happiness takes effort to keep alive. See the word-number analysis system I’ve used.

I’m all for free will and questioning authority. But I’m also sick of hearing stories of sensitive people who are told by others that they have to let themselves be energy vampired to be successful.

If humans were completely in charge of sunrises and rainfall we’d be in trouble. Working with Spirit as an equal player is a way more reassuring dynamic.

2021 is the Chinese Year of the Ox/Cow and it’s a time to swap exploitation for sustainable power, in all ways.

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