You are an Angel – A Visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

You are an Angel. Believe in your magnificence! I polled people about what they wanted to learn from me last week. The number one answer was: manifestation. Wow. I thought numerology or psychic development would be higher but it all makes sense, as what I most teach in my work is the belief in miracles. Comment on the Facebook or Instagram posts if you enjoy this!

When people mock me (which is pretty often still), I often reply ‘I represent the part of you who believes anything is possible.’

The greatest gift we can give someone is to look into their eyes and say, ‘you are a Soul with infinite power – you will always get a second chance – there are no coincidences ever – you came here for a reason.’

In numerology, Angel, Human and Tree all have a 21/3 numerology, the same as Peace and Fear. Energetically, Spirit, mortals and nature are equals in the co-creation of joy and reality. I even got number 21 at lunch (while sitting with my son Charlie, a 21/3 life path Angel Communicator). Find your life path

As an environmental scientist, I studied the planet for decades while co-raising millions for charities. The more wilderness I saw, the more I knew we are not alone. We are ‘all one’.

11:11 appears to those who are willing and ready to help Earth at its 11th hour. I used to think avoiding plastic and turning off lights would save the world but it’s simpler and harder than that.

Enlightenment means ‘in light you’re meant’ to live. The future won’t change for good until we stop with the fake leaders, Santa Claus thinking and guilt trips…

A tip: Next time you see a tree, take a breath in and out, close your eyes then open them. Imagine the tree is seeing you and sending you love. Do the same with a baby. Your pets. The sun and moon. This is a beautiful practice I learned with Rosie Stave in 2011. It balances the energy going in and out of your body. Very potent, especially for parents.

Pics from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary today. Ziggy is getting his molars so I took a trip. If you ever need to calm a cranky baby or your inner voice, go outside, somewhere the trees outnumber the people. Get out of the urban thoughtswamp! Works for me everytime.

I’m planning a trip to the Sanctuary with my Patreon group, do check us out!

Thank you to the Village School Gold Coast and Diane my zookeeper friend for the inspiration.

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P.S. Watch a cute video of me with Momo the Red Panda here – it’s from 2020

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