Family Politics, World Politics – How Numerology Can Help You Heal

They say the opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creativity. I’ve just published my U.S. Election 2020 predictions and the process of creating this huge post while pregnant, got me thinking.

Why do I care so much about politics? After all, many psychics, spiritual teachers and healers avoid making public statements, preferring not to attract the inevitable controversies that come with taking a stand.

Yet I believe that all bridge builders attract trolls. It’s part of 11:11 awakening to look for the truth in all realities.

In numerology, POLITICS has a 40/4 vibration, which potentially heals or harms our fourth chakra (Heart). The heart chakra is the site of our inner marriage between our masculine and feminine selves, as well as a portal to our Soul wisdom. 2020 is a 4 Universal Year so it’s no surprise that the world’s been full of ups and downs at all levels. See the word-number analysis system I use.

Note: If you look at a photo of the White House, it has an 11:11 symbolism at the front! Plus their phone number is 202-456-1111. Not a coincidence. 11:11 is a DNA level wake up code that reminds us, every one is equal.

Words like REFUGEE, FREEDOMS, SHARING and TWIN FLAME also have a 40/4 vibration. As the grandchild of refugees, and the daughter of parents who fought to build a life in Australia when racism was at its peak in the 1970’s, I believe strongly in the power of positive focus and self-sufficiency.

I’ve been involved in charity work since age 8, worked in high level fundraising for major charities and am married to my Twin Flame, Kris Anderson. So perhaps that’s why politics is so close to my heart.

From experience, I know that, unless we speak up, we are being passive reactors rather than active creators (an anagram).

In numerology, our lifepath can show us our key ages of maturity and life themes. I am a 29/11/2 lifepath Spiritual Messenger.

At my childhood lifepath turning point of 11, I was at Parliament House in Canberra when an armed man drove through the front doors in his 4WD.

This was upsetting for many reasons, including the fact that we were meant to meet the then Shadow Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, Phillip Ruddock. I was so looking forwards to meeting a real-life politician as I read the newspapers every week. I joke in hindsight, that the experience taught me ‘anyone can enter politics with the right vehicle’.

At my adult lifepath turning point of 29, I was working as a manager in fundraising (a political hotbed of its own), and picked up numerology as a self-help hobby.

By this time, I’d spoken on ABC radio about Pauline Hanson (while in High School), worked in VIP catering for the Prime Minister (while at University) and as a policy officer for the Minister of Environment and Heritage.

I think my fascination with politics comes from being part of an unusual family that includes very rich and very poor relatives and crosses different religions (Buddhism, Christian, Catholic). One of my uncles, Yeo Ning Hong was Minister for Defence in Singapore. He is a 22/4 lifepath Master Builder and also started as a scientist.

I love numerology because it creates instant rapport between people from all backgrounds and is universally healing.

Knowing that you have chosen your body, your parents, your family and yet still have free will, can be empowering and give you relief from life long feelings of victimisation and shame.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Thanks again for your ongoing support.

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