Not Waving, Drowning – My Psychic Sensing of Stephanie Sinclaire-Lightsmith’s Death

Yesterday was a big day for opening and closing doors. Did you feel it? Spooky story. Each Sunday I write predictions in my diary. Last night, I realised I had written ‘passing over’ as the day’s theme. Made sense as I only found out about my friend Stephanie’s death in the past 24 hours.

My diary entries from last week, before I knew my friend Stephanie had passed.

She drowned last week, which was when I developed sinus issues (unexpressed tears and grief, which started the day she died), got told to visualise my last day of life/ enrol in swimming lessons in a self-regression (see photos) and started forgiving people left right and centre.

It was as if Stephanie (a 31/4 life path Heart Healer) spread her unconditional love to her tribe when she ascended…like a spectacular flower shedding its petals. Find your life path

No wonder they say ‘the fragrance stays in the hand that gives the rose’ (Hada Bejar).

Watch my interview with Stephanie on Creative Alchemy and her numerology

Today I also talked to a friend about the phenomenon of ‘not waving, drowning’ (a blog I wrote but didn’t publish years ago).

Many of us push ourselves to the brink mentally, emotionally and physically in life, until we don’t even have energy left to call for help. Be careful of this.

Someone truly drowning can no longer wave to the lifeguards. They just bob up and down silently with their arms flapping. I urge you to educate yourself on what drowning looks like as it could save a life one day…I’ve also included a video below that’s a must-see, especially for parents.

Please, say something if you see another person struggling on their own.

As someone who recovered from a potentially fatal mental health issue (orthorexia/ anorexia) after friends (Caroline Byrd and Dr. Natalie Fitzpatrick, both healers) called me out on it, I know the power of an honest, loving conversation.

A simple ‘are you sure you are ok?’ or ‘I am really concerned about you’ can change everything for someone who thinks nobody cares about their burdens.

Stephanie, I am going to dedicate my next song to you. It’s an 11:11 version of Amazing Grace. You really were a girl (and goddess woman) with kaleidoscope eyes. I keep hearing Lucy in the sky with diamonds as I write this post. RIP.


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