Secrets of a Psychic: Cheese, Lactose Intolerance and Depression

Secrets of a Psychic: Cheese has a 27/9 numerology, the same as money, child and empath. I had to accept my lifelong lactose intolerance and move to alternative cheezes and mylks, once I got serious about my spiritual studies.

The truth is, developing your intuition (inner tuition, innate teacher) is not easy otherwise everyone would be doing it.

For me, the hardest part of my journey to professional psychic was giving up traditional dairy. It took me a few years to conquer my addiction to cheese! As a child I lived on milk and Kraft singles.

I’m not saying everyone has to go gluten and dairy free to access their gifts. Far from it. I hate one-size-fits-all, holier than thou proclamations, they kill your free will and creativity.

However for me, I knew milk made me sick as it was an issue from birth (I am Chinese and this is common). My parents had me on cow’s milk formula for months. It wasn’t until they saw a pioneering paediatrician Dr. Maureen Rogers that she diagnosed the reason for my severe eczema and moved me onto soy. See this post on the spiritual meaning of eczema

Still, I craved dairy as a child, which led to all kinds of allergic reactions and backed up gut. I only stopped having it when I studied nutrition with fellow 11 lifepath Leonie McDonald (a naturopath and lecturer) at AIAS in my 30s.

If I have ANY dairy now, I get rashes, nightmares, insomnia, anxiety, and start weeping. So I carry Lacteeze tablets 24/7. My reaction to mother cow energy is that strong.

I do think the dairy industry needs a massive overhaul, even on some of the organic farms. Separating calves from their mothers within 24 hrs doesn’t have to be the way. Gradual weaning is possible.

If you get easily upset and depressed, look into casein and brain inflammation etc. I also recommend working with medical and alternative (traditional) healers to experiment with your diet.

One-third of depression does not respond to drugs. Perhaps the answer lies elsewhere.

P.S I wrote this in response to my 5yo son crying and saying he is too sensitive. He loves cheese, just like I did when I was little. I really feel for him


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