Numerologists I Recommend for 11:11 See’rs in Australia and Worldwide

Here’s a post to accelerate your numerology growth! It will change over time, as I’m constantly refining my work as a psychic and learning more about 11:11 and repeating numbers. I am not affiliated with or compensated by the people in this post, except for Kat Kinnie, a colleague. I am sharing this info in the hope it will help you to find your happiness. It would be silly to say that everyone should see a certain reader. We resonate to different people, just as we like different sorts of music.

That said – please mention me if you book with the numerology readers below, as I do love a thank you! Also, let me know how you went with them – here’s my email. FYI, I intend to create posts for palmistry readers, books and blogs in future, as well as a psychic one. I will only include people I know from personal and repeated experience.

“The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose” Hada Bejar (a 21/3 Artist lifepath – the word rose even has a 21/3 numerology See the system I use)

Australian Numerologists 

Sarah and Kris Anderson

Brisbane/ Gold Coast – Myself – Sarah Anderson nee Yip (a 29/11/2 Spiritual Messenger lifepath) See Find Your Lifepath for helpful blogs and Famous People page for sample readings. I am a mother of two toddlers and passionate about helping people (especially couples and families) to forgive and reconnect.
Strengths: I’m a scientist – fundraiser turned numerologist and Holistic counsellor, so my readings are super accurate, evidence-based and practical. I’ve worked one-on-one with 3, 000+ people and taught more than 50 workshops on numerology, 11:11 sightings, palmistry and so on. You’re seeing a specialist when you see me.
Things to note: Due to demand, I’m booked up a few weeks (or more in advance) so you’ll need to plan ahead. A reading around your birthday is great,
as that’s when you enter a new personal year (find your personal year forecast). I also charge more overall as I prepare for readings in advance, do your chart by hand and go way deeper than many other readers. This is an industry where you get what you pay for. See testimonials from 99+ happy clients.

Brisbane/ Gold Coast – My 11:11 Twin Flame, Kris Anderson (a 28/10/1 Pioneer lifepath) We are both fans of the lifepath numerology approach in Dan Millman’s book, The Life You Were Born to Live (see my reading for Dan, he’s a 26/8 Boss lifepath).
Strengths: Kris is a talented actor, filmmaker and devoted dad who’s studied esoteric wisdom since his teens. His clients rave about his entertaining, spot-on readings and lifechanging advice. Many say he is the best Tarot reader and psychic they have ever seen.
Things to note: Be prepared for beard and unicorn jokes when you meet him! FYI, we also do psychic readings as a couple (i.e. two readings in one), which is rare because it takes a very strong and awake partnership to do this – read more about joint readings.

With Max Coppa in Brisbane

Brisbane/ Interstate/ Japan – Max Coppa (a 31/4 lifepath) It was Max’s Numerology book that got me into this field when I was 28-29 years old (my lifepath turning point). I have had two readings with him and attended his palmistry workshop. His lovely wife Amanda Coppa has done an astrology report for us.
Strengths: Max is one of the pioneers in numerology and I’m glad to have met him as his work led me to my calling. His books are simple, easy to read and affordable.
Things to note: Max travels extensively so you’ll need to book in advance. Many of our students and clients overlap (Brisbane is a close-knit community).

International Numerologists (all work locally and by phone/ video call)

New Zealand – Michelle Buchanan (a 38/11/2 Spiritual Messenger lifepath). I met Michelle at the first Mind Body Spirit Festival where I worked in the Psychic Reading Room. I never forgot her kindness and luminous smile (at the time, I had no idea what a numerologist was, as I was a palmreader). She has read for me once, for my birthday!
Strengths: Michelle is down-to-earth, articulate and warm and the author of The Numerology Guidebook, which I recommend in this post. Expect the truth delivered with humour.
Things to note:  She does not have a blog but she does create video forecasts.

The Cosmic Numerologist Kat Kinnie

Glastonbury, England – Kat Kinnie (a 22/4 Master Builder lifepath). I met Kat through The 11:11 Movement Group on Facebook and was attracted to her colourful posts on repeated numbers and numerology forecasts. She has read for me once.
Strengths: Kat is succinct, enthusiastic and does excellent compatibility readings. She is totally an 11:11 Starseed.
Things to note: Kat teaches numerology, although I’ve not done her courses yet. Her Facebook page is always full of interesting interviews. That’s her smiley face in the pic.

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With Crystal Healer Deniz Akan

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