Making Retro(grades) Cool Again! How to Rock Mercury Retrograde June 2020

Hello folks! It’s Mercury Retrograde in Cancer from 18 June to 12 July 2020. Have no fear. This can be a wonderful time for heart-centred people, as our intuition becomes a collective guiding light at this time. Of course, if you live in your head, expect some rude reminders that there’s more to life!

I mention in my June 2020 Numerology Forecast that “we are in a 4 Universal year of Heart chakra healing (compassion) & 1 Universal month of Root chakra healing (new beginnings and family tree expansion).⁣”

So energetically, 2020 is just beginning. June is about taking baby steps to reconnect with our bodies, our tribes and our life purpose – see Find Your Lifepath Putting our longevity first! See my video below

With multiple planets in Retrograde and various Eclipses going on, many people are asking the deepest questions they have ever asked of themselves and society (especially after the lockdowns and time away from the rush).

Themes to look for this Mercury Retrograde:

-Old trends coming back into fashion – ‘retro’ becoming cool. A cup of tea and flowers instead of staying out late. In person conversations over emails. Letter writing over tweeting. Home cooking over quick food fixes. Thinking about your childhood dreams and sweethearts and which ones still make your heart skip a beat. Digging up old clothes, music and photos to reflect on how far you have come and the joys of simple treats (I’ll be getting out my Smurfs t-shirt!) Keeping promises to yourself to live a life free of unnecessary expectations and stressors.

-Discovering the real reasons you clash with or avoid certain people in your family and society – examining unacknowledged trauma, limited/ conventional wording, a lack of exposure to diverse cultural norms, even patterns of denial that they are highlighting in you. Facing up to your prejudices and being willing to take baby steps towards honest connection and seeing others as Souls in solid form.

Remember, what we fear in others is what we struggle with in ourselves. Anagram-wise, fear is the ‘fare’ (price) we give up for true wisdom. I am writing this during the time of #blacklivesmatter and hope that if you are reading this you are safe and supported during this wake up call for Earth.

Hint: Watch my interview with Yarraka Bayles on Aboriginal child rearing and being a Lifepath 1 Pioneer in numerology for tips on consciously parenting yourself and others. Yarraka is from BlackCard Cultural Tours
The full transcript is available on my Patreon page

-Taking a break from technology, rushing and business (busy-ness) to go with the flow and honour your inner cycles and need for rest. Mercury retrograde is traditionally a time when we experience technology glitches and travel delays (amusingly, both our family cars are in for repairs!) This is a spiritual reminder not to ‘drive’ ourselves too much. Sometimes a life lived at walking speed is the most inspiring decision you could ever make.

To conclude, a Mercury retrograde is a spiritual ad break when you can change channels from your head to your heart and find the answers to questions that have bugged you for years. For highly sensitive, psychic people like my family, this brief period of ‘Spirit-in-charge’ is full of comic moments and a welcome time to catch up with friends and paperwork.

See Mercury retrograde as a chance to laugh at your foibles and you’ll experience breakthroughs in areas you thought you could never overcome. Happiness really is the best Medicine. They even have the same Master 44/8 numerology!

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