Mercury Retrograde February 2020 – Time to Boot The Energy Vampires

Mercury retrograde (February 18 – March 9, 2020) is that friend who tells you the truth without sugarcoating. If you are speeding through life, following others’ journeys too closely, Mercury retrograde will pull you over for safety before you crash and hurt your confidence. ⁣

If you are faking happiness, Mercury retrograde will rip aside the curtains of denial like in the Wizard of Oz. Don’t be scared, it’s here to give you trust in a higher order – a reminder that you are not in charge of the Universe and that’s a good thing. ⁣

For those working their lifepath, Mercury retrograde is a funny, healing time when lovers beat fighters. When intuition trumps logic. When miracles (and 11:11 sightings) happen. So do the work to be a creator (rather than reactor – an anagram). ⁣

Slow down, stretch out, journal, dream and go over fine details. Visit friends and/ or make amends. Leave the big decisions until mid March if you can. Be nice to your technology even if it has a tantrum. And drive carefully. ⁣

The next 3 weeks will trigger deep emotions and show you who’s an energy vampire versus a genuine ally. Who’s sucking your confidence and telling you ‘they know best’, rather than building your capacity to problem-solve and be empathic to your own inner struggles.

Surf the waves of frustration to new shores of objectivity instead of getting dumped. Exercise, yell or sing it out. Those who love us, will forgive a little rudeness or delay. They know we are doing our best. ⁣

Any questions on Mercury retrograde? Let me know on this Facebook post at The Numbers Queen! Love Sarah from⁣ P.s. had hilarious tech stuff just trying to post this. Love your wobbles people!

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