The new children (born 2000-) are 11:11 Messengers

The new children (born 2000-) are 11:11 Messengers. Many point out repeated numbers and Spirit Signs to their parents. This generation is here to upgrade our planet – their DOBs have many 2s for cooperation and intuition plus 0s for total spiritual recall and openness to Source.

Forrest made this 11:11 gateway with his blocks and it caught me by surprise. The day he was born, we arrived at 11.11am at hospital, only to have his midwife comment that she sees that number. He used to type 1s into my students’ calculators in numerology class. The list goes on…

Many people who see 11:11 and repeated numbers go on to meet a Soulmate / Twin Flame, have a psychic child (or brainchild, e.g. write a book), start a spiritual business, educate others on acceptance, transition to alternative diets and philosophies and regain their childhood clairvoyance / ability to see other realms.

Can you relate?

Take care, it’s a big energy time atm with the Aquarius Stellium from early to mid Feb (peaking at the new moon on 11/2 according to astrologers).

11:11 is the code for the Age of Aquarius – in which every ‘one’ is equal. I’m excited.

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