Numerology for Elliot Page, 30/3 Life Path Artist and Transgender Activist

Numerology for the inspiring actor, Elliot Page. Born 21.2.1987, he’s a 30/3 life path Communicator here to heal his inner child (3rd or solar plexus chakra) and to help future generations to find their confidence and have a happy childhood. Find your life path

At 30, his lifepath age turning point, he revealed sexual harassment by director Brett Ratner and also met his life partner Emma Portner (a 33/6 lifepath Master Healer). 3s and 33s often get together! They are both cheeky, intelligent and humanitarian energies.

In December 2020, Elliot (formerly Ellen) came out as transgender. He is in his personal 9 year of conclusions and rewriting history. Hollywood has rapidly embraced his decision and he’s created huge awareness for a very marginalised group. 2021 will see many more examples of the minority becoming the majority (join my forecast on 3 Jan 2021)…it is the year of radical truth and change. Find your personal year in numerology

I knew I had to write this post after scrolling Elliot’s feed and seeing a massive ‘3’ there!

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