Hi, I’m Sarah Anderson (nee Sarah Yip), Australia’s foremost lifepath specialist and 11:11 researcher. I offer life-changing courses and psychic readings with numerology, palmistry and Tarot by Zoom call and on the Gold Coast. My work is often featured in the media, including 97.3FM.  

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Every year, I help hundreds of clients to:
Find their purpose and major age turning points,

Navigate career challenges and major business decisions,
Regain their confidence, decisiveness and voice,
Explore why they chose their family, at a Soul level,
Understand why they see 11:11 and sequences like 111, 222, 333 etc.
Heal chronic relationship patterns and
Enjoy their lives to the hilt again!

I have read for 3, 000+ people since 2007, including top entrepreneurs, business owners, teachers, therapists, doctors, scientists, lawyers, writers, celebrities and countless families. Top psychics and healers also seek me out for my objective advice. See 99+ testimonials

With a background in NGO fundraising and Holistic counselling I’m committed to working with like-minded people for a higher cause.

I transitioned from Environmental Science, Government and United Nations work to readings in under a decade. I’m proof that if you leap, the net appears, and I can help you with your next step and evolution, no matter how daunting it seems.

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“Sarah has been a regular contributor to our breakfast radio show for a number of years and she has given us readings on and off during this time however a year ago I suffered a family tragedy and Sarah stepped in with some specific readings for me which were mind blowing. She was able to accurately tell me practical timings for things in my life like when I would sell my house (and she was right) as well as advice on how to show my children a different way of thinking and feeling, which have also been invaluable. Sarah knows her stuff and has a lovely caring way and getting that message across. Love and Light.” Robin Bailey, 97.3FM, see her reading

“Thank you for such an insightful look into my hands. The level of detail and accuracy was awesome!” Natalie Cook, 5 time Olympian, see her reading

“Had a recent couples reading and was completely BLOWN AWAY! While the conversation was easy and giggly, they spoke some serious wisdom and truth! Over the years I have had other various readings with others that were in person, but none of those were ever this thought provoking or impactful. These guys are worth every penny if you truly want to invest in yourself and those around you. I have already started to put into action their teachings and can’t wait to catch up again soon.” Amanda and Parker, Filmmakers

With best wishes,
Sarah Anderson (nee Sarah Yip)
Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot & Clairvoyance
Professional Psychic – Gold Coast, Australia
I’m an 11:11 and Repeating Numbers Researcher

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