A Warning to Copycats: Plagiarise My Blog & All Heaven Will Break Loose!

Hi Folks. I’m writing this post to deal with an ongoing issue that’s been on my mind for a couple of years.

For clarity – if you repost more than five consecutive words (or a sentence) from my blog without attribution (a direct link), it can be considered plagiarism. Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery in my books, it is the sincerest form of forgery.

Would you pull a hair from my scalp if someone offered you $50 a strand? No? Then please, don’t make me lose follicles over having to chase you about stealing my work. Each post on this website has taken me several hours, if not several months or even years to write. So it’s stressful when I see the work taken out of context or used to further unrelated causes.

I am speaking from experience. In 2017, my 11:11 photo went viral on 11/11. A huge Facebook page (11:11 Awakening Code, which has 1 million fans) used a copy of the image as its cover and as a post, generating 6, 000+ likes and 3, 000+ shares. Unfortunately there was no link to my Facebook page, and my website was missing from the cover image. Even after numerous messages, the page did not respond to my requests to repost the photo with a link or to clarify its source. Disappointing!! It’s not surprising that many of their posts have images which are clearly copied from elsewhere.

Here’s another five times people have done the wrong thing and what happened next:

1) One of my fans found a number of sites/ articles linking to a major competitor was using my information word-for-word to entice visitors to get reports. I immediately wrote a draft blog and threatened to name and shame the company if they didn’t chase this up. They wrote back, apologised, and tightened up their hiring process immediately.

2) A student who attended my palmistry classes admitted to booking over my timeslots at my regular venue so she could start a palmistry class of her own. When she told me, it was as if she couldn’t control her mouth. The truth always comes out when I’m working with my Spirit Guides. This lady and I are no longer on speaking terms, although I bear her no ill will.

3) Someone was bullying me in a workplace so I sent an email they’d written to me to a colleague. At that moment, the bully walked up to my colleague’s computer. I panicked and suddenly, the PC burst into smoke and the screen went black. I knew I was being protected from a backlash.

4) A stalker asked for my contact details using an alias email. As I hit ‘reply’ to them with my number, I realised it was a fake address and yelled ‘Stop’ at the computer. It instantly turned off and the email was never sent.

5) Someone kicked in the door of my car (with my Psychic Readings by Sarah sign on it). The police said it was unlikely the culprit would be found as they only had a shoeprint. I said, ‘let’s see’. Months later, a local man confessed to damaging my vehicle after he was arrested on an unrelated drinking offence. The police were shocked, but I wasn’t. My car was fixed under insurance at no charge to me.

Seeing a pattern? Justice always prevails. You may see me and think I’m just one person, but I work with a community of over 16, 000+ people and the 11:11 Spirit Guides, who are here to wake humanity up to Oneness.

So don’t take the risk. If you have accidentally copied my work, I understand. It’s an easy thing to do in the spiritual field. But 2020 is about Perfect Vision and Heart Healing, so it’s time to get clean of your habit of fudging things. It’s hurting you, it’s teaching others to be dodgy and forcing me to divert energy instead of being able to share original insights. Did you know? Even a small amount of duplicated text harms both of our SEO ratings. There is no margin for error.

How to Reference My Blogs
Example 1: ” Numbers are the language of the Universe. When used correctly, they can predict earthquakes, sunrises, harvests and eclipses – why not the meaning of life?” Sarah Yip, Psychic Readings by Sarah, Find Your Lifepath

Example 2: ” Almost always, people are buying a perception rather than a product. They are investing in your ideas of the world and creativity. So if you want to stay in business, you quickly learn to manage your vibration and attitude. No one buys coffee from someone grumpy unless you’re the only option around!” Sarah Yip, Psychic Readings by Sarah, 8 Benefits of Running Your Own Business (and Life!)

You can also share posts on Facebook from The Numbers Queen – 11:11 Numerology by Sarah Yip or tag SarahYip1111 on Instagram. Although I create pictures mainly using Canva.com, they may also be copyright so again, please cite my website and the appropriate page as needed.


-If you think you may have plagiarised my work, I urge you to use a plagiarism checker (Google them) to find out for sure.

-If you are still uncertain, send me the link by email and I will endeavour to get back to you within a few weeks, depending on my workload.

-If I detect plagiarism on your website or elsewhere, I will email you in the first instance. If you do not take action, I may seek legal action and/ or financial compensation. I read and write for a living and I will protect my family’s livelihood.

-If you come across someone who you think is copying my work (on their website, in their courses, books, talks etc.), PLEASE contact me via email before you confront them. Thank you so much.

Thank you to everyone who has quoted me over the past decade or so. I really appreciate your integrity and support! I’m sorry I need to be so blunt but even a small leak can sink a boat and my writing career is a relationship I value with my life. It is my true calling.

As a trained scientist, accuracy and accountability are important to me, which is what makes my readings trustworthy and consistent. So if you find any trace of plagiarism in my work, I also ask that you contact me so I can look into this issue ASAP. Thank you in advance.

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