6 Spiritual Blogs I’m Loving – Seth Godin, Jon Owen, Liz Worth, Heather Plett, Karen Joy and Solara 11:11

If there’s one thing I adore, it’s a powerful blog. A direct hit of truth with passion, from the Source’s mouth. It’s so easy to get jaded working in an unregulated industry so you have to be proactive about filling your cup, constantly! Here are 6 spiritual blogs that are currently helping my way of thinking and being. I hope you’ll check them out and love them too!

Note: This is not a paid post, I’m sharing recommendations because I truly believe in the authors’ integrity. If I update this list, I’ll be sure to include explanations, but for now – happy expansion my lovely readers. I’ve included dates of birth and lifepaths, where available, to help you understand how each person is fulfilling their mission. Find your lifepath

Sarah’s 6 Favourite Spiritual Blogs Right Now (in no particular order)

Seth Godin, Marketer – born 10 July 1960, Seth is a 24/6 Visionary lifepath from New York, who graduated from Stanford with an M.B.A around 24, his lifepath age turning point. He is one of the funniest, most poignant writers around on marketing and ethical sales.

If you run a business or need to promote ANYTHING (cupcake stall, charity work, a neighbourhood club) I urge you to check out his work. It’s 11.11am as I write that line – the Lightworker’s code. I find that his daily emails often sync with my ideas. I follow him because I met a designer who had a similar experience. My fundraising CEO at also used to talk about Seth alot. Seth taps into the global shifts. He’s not openly spiritual but his words suggest a deep hope for humanity.

For example, I woke up thinking ‘I’m finally happy with my numerology and palmistry techniques, it’s time to run more workshops‘. Then I open my inbox and Seth’s blog for 21 Oct says, “It’s possible that you no longer need to get better at your craft. That your craft is just fine. It’s possible that you need to be braver instead.” Yes! Seth thanked me for sending him this post 🙂

Jon Owen, Pastor at the Wayside Chapel. He is a 34/7 Spiritual Teacher lifepath (confirmed by email). He has a rare 4-5-6 line of total commitment and willpower in his date of birth. This is the pattern of someone who commits head and heart and Soul to their mission, and holds themselves and others to the highest standards of integrity.

Jon’s weekly insights about serving the homeless in Sydney (my hometown, a Master 29/11 vibration) are full of raw feeling and stories from the street. Reading them reminds me of the power of words and simple assistance to restore dignity to people who have fallen ‘by the wayside’. Touching on the themes of addiction, death and mental illness, these updates brim with compassion and will fill your heart over and over again.

Liz Worth, Tarot reader and poet. Born 19 April 1982, Liz is a 34/7 Spiritual Teacher from Canada, who was publishing a book around 34, her lifepath age turning point. I’ve been following Liz’s emails for a while and love her simple, crisp, thoughtful writing on Tarot and why it’s important not to rush into professional reading/ psychic work. She’s got a really clean energy that I haven’t seen too often in the new age field and I look forwards to having a reading from her one day.

Liz’s reply to this post was ” I really appreciate that you want to share my work. I read your writeup about lifepath 7s that you sent and wow – it is one of most insightful takes on 7s I have come across. It’s so right-on. When you talk about teaching people to think for themselves, it’s so true: I say that all the time in my work and encourage my students to develop confidence in what they do, rather than developing a long-term dependency on me or other teachers to validate them at every stage. You’re really amazing at what you do. Thank you again.” Thanks Liz!

Heather Plett, Writer, coach, facilitator, speaker. Heather is a 29/11 Spiritual Messenger lifepath from Canada, who also sees 11:11. I am also a 29/11. I attended her writing retreat at The Big House, run by the amazing Georgia Bailey, a 27/9 Old Soul lifepath. Heather’s known for many things, including her viral post on Holding Space, written about supporting her dying mum. I love her long, emotive posts about raising herself and her children, her creative journey and gift for woodwork (!) Heather has coached me in writing and I found her presence incredibly comforting and non-judgemental (unlike other writing coaches, who tended to yell at me!) I think you’ll love her too. Heather said she was honoured by this post.

Karen Joy, Past life regression facilitator and author. Karen is a 25/7 Spiritual Teacher lifepath from the Sunshine Coast. We met when she approached me at a cafe in Maleny where I was taking pictures of my table number (77) for my Facebook page The Numbers Queen. Karen is one of the most intriguing people I’ve ever met. Her life has been devoted to studying and helping people and like me, she was in a conventional/ logical/ science-based line of work before switching to doing regressions. My regressions with Karen have been out of this world (literally – Arcturian Starseed lifetimes) and I think her book is one of the easiest to read introductions to regression out there. Her blog is a deep-dive into this work, my favourite self-healing modality. Karen loved this post 🙂

Note: I was trained in past life regression by the wonderful Toni Reilly, who I also recommend – see my previous post on her course. Toni is a 23/5 Rebel lifepath and a very good teacher.

Solara, 11:11 Visionary and global catalyst. Solara is an 11 Spiritual Messenger lifepath, whose writings on 11:11 have been on Earth for decades. When I first found her book on 11:11, I found it hard to integrate as it’s quite high level, however her semi-regular Surf Reports by email are Divine. I look forwards to them so much and even the payment amount (USD11.11 a month) feels good. The energy just pours from my screen like Reiki when I read her updates and her views are Universal Love in human form. She’s an Elder I respect.

For example, when I was a bit perplexed about Greta Thunberg (a Pure 9 Old Soul lifepath, who learned about climate change at 9, her lifepath age turning point), Solara’s message on 21 September 2019 helped me to ‘get it’. She suggested that Greta is part of the Third Wave (those who are young in age, but timeless in spirit). Solara also talked about the true reasons for climate change and warned that we must not wait for people like Greta to do it for us, we have to do it together.

An an ex-Environmental Scientist, who worked for the Australian Government, UNEP and many environmental charities before turning to psychic work, I also believe there’s more to climate change than what the media focuses on. Here’s a post on Greta Thunberg’s Pure 9 Lifepath

I plan to post about other bloggers I follow in future – your suggestions are also welcome via email. Please note, it can take me some weeks to reply to messages, as we are raising a young family.

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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years.

If you found this post helpful, then please:
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