5 Tips to Rapidly Relieve Anxiety During This Global Rebirth

Many people are feeling anxious at the moment, after a dramatic September. Even with my incredible support network, I felt like last month was one looong dark night of the Soul. That’s no surprise, as we’re nearing the end of 2017,  a Universal 1 Year of Rebirth, and September was a Universal 1 Month (double 1’s = double whammy!)

The lesson of a Universal (and personal) year in numerology, intensifies in the last few months. It’s an exam period, before we get spiritually bumped up a grade. 1 energy is about Root (1st ) Chakra healing, so our birth stories, body-care and basic needs are coming up for review. No wonder the sensitive among us are feeling shaky.

This post is a followup to  Your 2017 Numerology Forecast – Will You Make a Fresh Start? It’s dedicated to my fellow 29/11 lifepath, Jill Genet from Red Tent Australia She is one of my go-to people when I’m feeling fragile about motherhood and trusting life.

Questions to ask yourself, when life seems overwhelming…
It’s best to jot your answers on paper, as writing by hand activates your creativity:

-Am I putting first things first? Am I treating my body (especially my feet/ Earth connectors) like a pair of shoes that need to last 85 years, or taking things for granted? How many hours a week do I rest versus work? Where can I claim back sacred space? Kris and I hired a babysitter, and it’s amazing how that $80 feels like $800 in rescued time. We look forward to her visit every week now, as does Forrest.

-Do I start my day with happiness or hate? I’ve lived with people, who swear loudly when they get up, because they don’t want to face another day. Guess what? They tend to attract crap. Why not set a positive tone, by waking to music, a yummy breakfast and/ or gentle exercise. I’ve learned not to lie in bed stalling. Instead, I take my newborn baby and toddler to the backyard, and stand in the light.

Getting sun on your Third Eye Chakra (forehead/ brain and the seat of intuition) resets your body clock. Watch the sun rise and set as often as you can, to remind yourself to let go. This practice is wonderful if you have trouble with moodiness and erratic sleep. I also take a time to connect with a tree, or a flower (see cover photo – thank you Barb, my mum-in-law for the bouquet), asking for a message.

-How often do I stay in the now? In the present moment, all is always well. Just for an hour, keep track of how many times or minutes you worry about past or future. Tally it on paper, or use a stopwatch. Most of us spend 50% of our life spiritually unavailable, because we are not ‘home’ in our bodies. Just a slight increase in presence, brings massive gains in energy, synchronicity and confidence.

That’s why I enjoy psychic readings, because I can only do them when I’m relaxed. I’m literally paid, to get better at staying in the flow of love, and to show others how to do the same. Cool, huh? It’s like running tours of a rose garden.

Having trouble with a monkey mind? Then you need to tame it, gently. I once advised a Master 33 lifepath client (they have genius brains) to rake his driveway when his head got loud. I said, ‘each time your mind wanders, stop sweeping until it comes back…it might take an hour to clear leaves the first time, but you’ll soon reclaim your focus.’ 

Discipline is the key to commanding reality. The person with the greatest clarity wins the race. This exercise is something I do when eating (Only putting the spoon in my mouth, when my mind is still), washing dishes, breastfeeding etc. It’s basically applied meditation.

I also recommend these 5 Tips to Rapidly Relieve Anxiety During This Global Rebirth

1) Connect with your breath.  You breathe the way you live. Anxious people have shallow breathing and/ or hold their breath. This reduced oxygen flow, triggering more fear. This habit could be the legacy of trauma, or the result of spending time in polluted environments.

I’m sensitive to smells, and panic when stuck for too long in stale air, especially peak hour traffic, underground carparks, or buildings with musty air-conditioning. So…when anxiety hits, stop what you’re doing, and drop into your body.

Inhale through your nose, and exhale out your mouth. Feel the air entering and leaving. Breathe in for 4, hold for 2, breathe out for 4, hold for 2 to restore balance. Find somewhere with fresh air and/ or lots of trees (they create oxygen). Give yourself a hug or kiss – physical touch decreases panic.

2) Drink water (preferably high vibration water). Dehydration (and a lack of sleep) prevents our brains from rinsing themselves clean. It can also result in constipation, which is linked to feeling frantic. So – after you recover your breath, pour water into the most beautiful glass or cup you can find, and drink it slowly.

Experience the liquid flowing into your body. Look into the glass as you’re drinking, not at your computer screen or phone. I prefer to drink warm water, as I’m Chinese and we’re into conserving energy (cold water shocks the the gut). Immersing yourself also relieves stress – run your hands under the tap, go for a float, soak your feet, take a sea or Epsom salt bath and go for an ocean dip if you can. Floating in water, reminds us that we’re never too heavy for the Universe to carry.

3) Walk, dance or shake it out. When I’m upset, I go for a walk in the park or at the beach until I shift. I tell myself ‘I’m not leaving until I get the solution’, or ‘the next step is always illuminated’. This process rarely takes more than an hour – the trick is to surrender and open up to your inner knowing. I find this easiest to do in nature.

If you can’t leave where you are, dance or shake your head, arms, body and legs on the spot (Osho has good tracks for this). I love Bhangra dance too – see this uplifting 5min video. Jiggling and jumping releases nervous energy and leaves you able to think again (kids do this this instinctively.) Yoga poses, which open the chest or place you upside down also help, as does lying length-wise on a Pilates foam roller, so your spine is supported and you can spread your arms like a cross. Even simpler – lie with your feet up the wall, so the blood can return to your head.

4) Express your feelings. Similar to step 3), I’ll go somewhere private with a notebook and journal my heart out until I feel better. I use a process based on The Work of Byron Katie, The Artist’s Way, and the Landmark Forum (a controversial course I wrote about here). Essentially, I explore where I feel incomplete, where I feel this in my body, and what I really want to say to my opponents.

Sometimes, it  takes me 20 pages and using up multiple pens to clear things up, which is a small price to pay for peace. If writing is not your thing, seeing a therapist works wonders or you can try group therapy, drawing, painting, sculpting, cooking, gardening, praying out loud and, my favourite – yelling or singing* loudly in the car while driving down the highway alone (!) *Here’s a chant I’ve been using, called Jewel in the Lotus Flower (Jill gave me a CD with this song on it, and I even sang it during Charlie’s birth).

5) Clear your clutter. When I heard Dan Millman speak in Brisbane, he said that he told a depressed woman to clean her house, because then, even if she still felt down, she’d have a clean house. That might sound odd, but it works for me. Physical action is the highest form of healing. When I feel sorry for myself, I look for the dirtiest part of my life and clean it up. That always lifts me higher. 

might scrub the toilet, bathroom and shower (which represent how I deal with feelings – see my post on What Your House Says About You). At other times, I weed the garden, or get to work filing receipts and abundance journalling (see the Money Love course with Lotus Kruse based on the book by Meadow DeVor). Or I will donate old clothes, or call someone I’ve been avoiding.

Why do such simple steps calm us down? Because anxiety comes from too much thinking, and we can’t solve a problem by doing more of what created it (to paraphrase Einstein). Until you put your heart before your head (spiritually, and posturally), you’ll always feel like life is getting the better of you. Remember, your heart is the voicebox for your Soul – the part of you that’s lived a thousand lives. It knows what to do, but can’t speak up without permission. Make time to hear your (Higher) Self…

Which brings me to a bonus suggestion for relieving anxiety – aura clearing and spiritual awareness. See my Meditation Triple Pack.

We have an invisible energy field around us like a bubble, I consider this the 8th, or Karmic Pattern, Chakra. Like the figure eight/ infinity sign, what goes around, comes around. When we see, hear, eat or associate with anxious people, we match their emotions without even realising it. It’s only human to make others feel comfortable by empathising with them.

Imagine – eating fast food made by someone on minimum wage who’s scared of getting fired, before getting on a train full of workers thinking about their bills, before arriving home to your partner, whose been arguing with her mum, then watching the news, surfing facebook and sleeping next to lots of electronics. No wonder you feel jittery! You’re surrounded by reasons to fret. This situation is even harder if you’re naturally psychic, because you receive 10x the input a normal person does (I even get Spirits and potential clients trying to talk to me in dreams).

I’m not saying blame others for your anxiety. I am saying – know what’s yours and what isn’t. What luggage did you bring, versus what do you carry for others out of misplaced guilt or protectiveness? After all, if a tree from your neighbour’s yard sheds leaves onto your garden, you can keep bagging them and creating work for yourself, or you can talk to them about pruning.

If you feel tired after sleeping next to your tense spouse, you can swallow Magnesium supplements, and spray Emergency Essence (which I love) until the cows come home, but the real issue is that they need another outlet (that’s not your aura) for their frustration.

Stress is contagious. Treat it like a cold – do what you can to help the people affected, but don’t expose yourself to unnecessary amounts of snot! You help more from wholeness than from pain. This is why I created my Angel meditation – to help you clear your energy field using colour, while also connecting with a Spirit Guide who can keep you on track, protect you, and let you know where you can be of most service. I’ve also written an article about Meditation Myths.

Hint: Seeing 11:11 and repeating numbers can be associated with a breakthrough in psychic abilities, which can trigger anxiety if you don’t understand what is happening, or have conflicting religious beliefs (e.g. that it’s evil to talk to Spirits or hear voices). This inner conflict happened to me after the codes began appearing in my life. I thought I was going mad, but actually, I was returning to my (sixth) senses.

11:11 is an invitation to become a spiritual teacher. It’s not an easy journey, because you’ll need to let go of your victim consciousness, but it’s totally worth the ride! My life, and this blog, are evidence that following 11:11 will bring you hope.

I hope this post helps you to glide through the remainder of 2017, before we enter 2018, a Master 11 Universal Year of Spiritual Growth and Partnerships. We’re all being purified before we team up with our Soulmates and Soul Tribes for bigger and better things ahead. You are a flower, borne of great effort, and I look forward to sharing the journey with you. Keep glowing, my friends!

“No God, no peace; know God, know peace.” Croft M. Pentz
When you accept that the Universe wants you to succeed, you’ll never feel truly alone again.
As they say in Money Love, ‘the truth and anxiety cannot co-exist’. 

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From facebook:


6 October 2017 1.50pm Jill Genet
Thanks so much for this Sarah, I love reading your blogs, there’s always so many gold nuggets!! I found this new artist yesterday – Tina Malia- https://www.youtube.com/user/tinamaliamusic I have been listening to her all day, very relaxing and perfect to wake up to Sarah Yip – Thanks Jill! Pleasure to know you and thanks for inspiring this post. It helped me to write it 😀

6 October 2017 11.53am Renee
I just read your article below and wanted to let you know I think it’s a great article and so very accurate. September was a massive month, so much happening and it honestly did feel like a lot of dark moments of emotional soul searching. Your comments around the timing of October and looking after your soul couldn’t be more true at the moment.

I see October as a re-building month, I feel it’s re-affirming relationships and partnerships and a rebuilding to a positive and rewarding 2018, at least that’s what i’m hoping for. So just wanted to say great work on the article, it always feels clarifying to read your articles and be able to relate your own journey to them so accurately.”

Sarah Yip – Thanks Renee, very grateful to know you and I wish you a super-healing month ahead.

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