Searching for Higher Ground? Spiritual Thoughts on the 2022 Queensland and NSW floods

Searching for higher ground? As a witness to the 2004 tsunami, who lost much in the 2010 Brisbane floods, I had to step back from watching the news recently. After taking a break, I wanted to comment on the pain that seems to be expanding in this super-connected world. Got feedback? Comment on the Facebook or Instagram posts, thanks.

With the flooding in QLD and NSW, this is not the time to panic about climate change. Let’s help the people and animals first, then rebuild with new wisdoms in mind.

I was in the environment movement for decades and yes, I believe humans impact the weather. Yet after years of psychic work I also trust that Earth is strong and has its own guardians, resilience and plans.

You can help the world for sure, but not save it, because you are not the source of all reality.

In this 11:11 Age of Aquarius, supporting others to heal vs ‘saving them from their sins’ could make the difference between you living happily to 100 or burning out in despair.

Your heart knows that you came to the planet with a spiritual mission to explore and assist, as part of a team effort. Find your life path

Help where you can, but don’t buy into the ‘feel everyone’s aching and give until you’re half-dead’ scenario. Then you end up taking back all the energy you shared in the first place. It’s a vicious cycle.

Some of us are great first responders to crises, while others are glorious at following through and the rest may be brilliant ‘finish the job and rewrite the manual’ types. It’s ok to bring a measured and resourced approach to emergencies.

To those affected by the floods, I send my deepest condolences. You are invited to my Intro Meditation Webinar on 2 April for free, click here to learn more.

Please, stay hydrated*. You’ll need the energy and intuition it brings. Water is not the enemy here. It is a messenger, showing where our structures need attention.

*It took me a year to get therapy after the tsunami. My first step was drinking water in front of a counsellor. I’ll talk more about that soon. Read more about water and your third eye

P.p.s For tips on true empathy, look up Heather Plett. Her work on holding space is phenomenal. I’ll review her book soon. She is a 29/11 life path too, here to be a double catalyst and Pioneer.

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