Sunflowers are a spiritual totem for 11:11 See’rs

Did you know? Sunflowers are an 11:11 symbol, in my experience. They represent a community of thousands working together for collective healing. Leave a comment on Facebook and Instagram

-The sunflower head has a ring of specialised yellow ray flowers, each of which looks like a petal.

-In the centre are brown flowers with the youngest in the middle and the eldest on the outside. All ‘members’ belong to the tribe. Every one is equal (one of 11:11’s meanings – read more)

-Sunflowers are self-pollinating. Everything they need for success is within them, and they follow the light, hence their name.

-They can grow up to 30 feet high, taller than a house. I often call 11:11 See’rs the tall poppies. Perhaps I should switch that to ‘the sunflowers who stand out’!

-Look up Bogle Seeds sunflowers for a story on boundaries. They closed their farm to visitors after 7000 people swarmed their 1.6 million flower fields. See A Sunflower Farm Invited Tourists. It Ended Up Like a ‘Zombie Apocalypse.’ (external link)

11:11 See’rs often face tests of fair energy exchange and sudden popularity as well.

Thank you to my wonderful in laws Barb and Bob for the beautiful birthday flowers.

Flower has a 34/7 numerology, the same as Courage, Mother, Empathy and Church.

Flowers are a sacred symbol for celebrating vulnerability, self-truth and reaching your potential. I adore them.

P.s. Sunflower has a 43/7 vibration, the same as ‘I love you’! 7 is the Crown chakra, centre of self-respect and Divinity. 7 is about raising standards, interestingly sunflowers are used to clean up pollution and radiation. See Scientists Are Using Sunflowers To Clean Up Nuclear Radiation (external link)

P.p.s Francesca’s Flowers in Brisbane has beautiful DIY floristry boxes, Francesca is a 1 life path Pioneer and a dear 11:11 friend of mine. Find your life path

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