#Mumlife, Elizabeth Gilbert and Reclaiming Your Magic! Meet Tammie Pike, a 41/5 Life Path Rebel in Numerology

Tammie Pike from Empowered Publishing is a force of nature and 41/5 life path rebel in numerology. Find your life path.

Here’s our powerful chat about:
– bearing witness to others’ pain instead of taking it on
-the wild ride of 3 kids and self-employment and
-author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray Love, Big Magic), also a rare 41/5 life path See my palmistry reading for Liz Gilbert

Plus I pull Tarot cards for the earth’s current energies, including the ‘Ace of Swords’ (mental breakthroughs, using our Words/ sWord for good causes).

8m 20s Fear of being heard/ chronic fatigue/ losing your voice. Read more about healing the throat chakra and a stiff neck.

13min 44s The world has become painfully two dimensional because we’ve switched off our intuition, and that’s hurting our kids

18min Ziggy meltdown! #mumlife and giving up perfectionism

24min We need to save ourselves and stand up for freedom now instead of relying on the Universe to rescue us. The Earth is relieved that everyone’s seeing the truth now and ready for a new chapter.

Tammie is a serial entrepreneur and publisher of inspirational books from Toowoomba, QLD. Thank you for your shining light today!

P.S. We met at Conscious Life Festival run by Laura Di Mambro, a 33/6 life path Master Healer who has helped us a lot over the years.

Connect with Tammie:
Website – Empowered Publishing
YouTube – Mumpreneur Movement Magazine
Instagram – Mumpreneur Movement Magazine
Facebook: Tammie Pike Official

The YouTube video is below, you can also comment on the Facebook video.

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