Little Professors – My Psychic Son and His Sweet Sayings

Little professors! Did you know, Every child has an inner parent and every parent has an inner child.

When we treat our kids like the Souls they are, reminding them that they chose their body, us as parents and the Earth, we keep them in their power, genius and joy.

Conversations with 5 year old Forrest recently:

1) (Sees a dog running onto the road)

Him: Mum, where is the person who keeps him safe?

Me: They’re behind him, don’t worry dude.
(he didn’t say owner because we think of animals as free spirits. We say ‘they have a pet’, not ‘they own a pet’…imagine if someone claimed to ‘own their children or spouse’?! Ick…)

2) Mum, where did the first people on Earth come from? Where did the first Mummy come from?

Me: We came from the stars and made our bodies from the Earth, so we belong to both worlds. (Forrest once told me he took a train from the stars into my womb!)

3) (Sees a dead bird) Mum, what happens when we die?

Me: Our Spirits come back in a different body when we’re ready. Our bodies get recycled into the soil and trees.

Him: (gets excited about being a tree and tells me he wants to be in a forest on a mountain)

These new kids have come to wake us up, not stay asleep.

If you want to know more about the next generation, see the links below I love working in this area as I deeply care about families’ bonding.

I also have classes on kids and parents’ numerology. I hope this post brings you energy.


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