It’s Not About the Money, but the Movement of Energy…

It’s not about the money. It’s about the mo(vement of) en(erg)y. It’s about respect. Not wasting my life force. Being ready for (ex) change. Turning up the volume of Go(o)d. Meeting me halfway!

I reopened bookings last week and the inevitable chats have come up around money. My rates are healthy and that freaks people out. It’s like the first time you buy an organic apple – part of you resents having to pay more but then you realise you’ve been supporting slavery, basically.

As an ex-fundraiser and Chinese-Aussie, I enjoy talking about money, because it’s an opportunity to build better relationships, with both my inner voice and with clients aka changemakers in the community. The sales process is an education process.

I refunded a deposit today after a client had a family emergency and sent her a free copy of my Change for Good webinar to help them manifest a house. I asked her to send feedback if she found it helpful, which I’m sure she will.

I’ve noticed not all healers are like me. Some don’t do refunds at all. Some refuse to charge enough or at all, which can create karmic debts. A lot shy away from talking about exact results from their sessions, their financial figures, salaries, business costs and what it truly takes to make it in their profession.

Argh. That is like asking someone to eat a cake but not giving them the list of ingredients, in case they steal the recipe or realise they are allergic to your baking.

If we truly want to convert sceptics, we need to use language they understand – facts, case studies, even numerology and 11:11 sightings, which is black and white proof of the Cosmic Order.

Next time someone asks you to sell yourself short, feel free to show them this image or quote it. We gotta open one mind back up at a time xx

Stay tuned for my next spiritual money webinar coming out later this year. You can still buy Change for Good for half price, using the code LIGHTSMITH, in honour of my late friend Stephanie Sinclaire-Lightsmith.

Songs that inspired this post: Price Tag by Jessie J and Meet Me Halfway by The Black-Eyed Peas (Thanks Kelley C. for the inspiration, glad you enjoyed my Develop Your Intuition webinar!)

Straight after I posted this, a client told me she quit her job and my words confirmed it was the right decision. Too cool.


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