Surround Yourself with Soulmates, not Half-rates!

People don’t change much. The sooner you get this concept, the sooner you’ll surround yourself with Soulmates instead of half-rates*.

*people who try to do everything on the cheap/ want you to compromise yourself.

This week I did a few readings around faithfulness in marriage, Soulmates and the karma of affairs (also a popular blog post of mine).

Here’s the thing. The greatest gift you can give yourself, another person, your children and the world is a chance at a new beginning. To walk away from situations that hurt you, even if it’s one inch steps at a time, is to value your essence and teach others to value theirs.

In Asia, we love to bargain and haggle. We know that the seller will never go below a price they can afford. So it’s a mind game to find out where their boundaries are.

Living in Thailand in my 20s, I learned to walk away from a bad deal. Not just in the markets, but in my career too. I left the UN with its massive salary potentials to start from scratch in Brisbane at an NGO. I also stopped having casual relationships because I realised I am too empathic to do modern dating.

These days, when people keep asking me for outrageous discounts or to sell myself short for one-off gains, I immediately increase my prices, whether that’s financial or energetic. I have taught many clients and colleagues to do the same.

You don’t need halfrates in your life. See them as teachers but don’t get sucked into their dangerous vortex of ‘racing to the bottom’ (a Seth Godin expression).

There are MANY people on this planet who would love to see you succeed, with your happiness, self-respect and biggest dreams intact. Find them and let them into your life! It makes all the difference.

Seeing 11:11 means your Soul tribe is waiting for you. Connect with your light!

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Thanks Ellie Burscough (a fellow 11 Lifepath) and Conscious Hustlers for the inspiration and biz coaching. Find your lifepath

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