Happy Mother’s Day! A Numerology Take

Happy Mother’s Day! In numerology, Mother’s Day adds to 47/11, the same as meditation, mental illness and mental health. See the word analysis system I use.

4 is about heart healing, while 7 is about leaps of faith and 11 is about creating equals. At it’s best, motherhood makes us joyful, wise and altruistic. At it’s worst, it brings grief, loneliness and insanity. I am still terrified by motherhood, but am getting better. Kids give me a chance to go in and through my fears to the kindness within. At times, I feel all is lost, moments later we’re laughing at burps. I’ve never been so tested.

Charlie and I were up all night because his first tooth is coming. Woke at 4am, and in my haste to catch a ‘poop on the loose’, I knocked Forrest over as he was waiting for me. Then Kris (my husband, also a psychic in Brisbane) gave me a hug as we staggered into the chill. This is the real life!

A big shoutout to Mother Earth, my Mum, my sister Helen, ancestral helpers, mother-in-law Barb, sister-in-law Jodie and all the other mamas today. You give me hope. No matter what your relationship with your mother (healers so often have tough ones), send her a peace sign today…her sacrifice gave you a chance to even have an opinion. And mother yourself too, because it’s never too late for a happy childhood. Cuddles, play and rest go a long way.

Here’s a pic of Forrest and Charlie with a blanket from my Mum. Too cute huh? The quote ‘Let him sleep for when he awakes he will move mountains’, is thought to be from Napoleon Bonaparte, who was a lifepath 1 Pioneer in numerology. Find your lifepath.

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Comments from the original facebook post on The Numbers Queen
Jenny Stephens
Thank you for this. I follow your posts and think we have baby’s around the same age 5.5mth. I was just reflecting this morning on what new motherhood has been like for me and I thought ‘frightened’. The baby can be so scary! I appreciate your honestly, it sure made me feel better that there are others that feel it. Happy Mother’s Day ❤️

Reply from Sarah
Pleasure Jenny  same to you. Charlie was born 30/8, the day Louise Hay died. Big Earth shift around then. I have posts on parenting at sarahyip.com that may help. My biggest tip is to talk to your baby like your best friend, the new kids are super conscious from birth x

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