Happy Valentine’s Day 2022! 14 Reasons I think Love is Like Cake…

Happy Valentine’s Day! 14 Reasons I think love is like cake:
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1) A little each day makes the world go round.

2) You can follow a recipe but intention is as important. When I eat processed or takeaway food I get rigid thoughts and worry about making a buck. When I eat home-made, organic food, my trust and ideas come back.

3) People get caught up in appearances when really, it’s what goes on inside that counts.

4) Some people need more love and cake in general, especially those with Silk/ psychic skin in palmistry (feels like baby skin)

5) It’s best not to judge the taste and choices of others, that just leads to useless arguments.

6) Love, like cake, must be fully experienced, not just stared at.

7) Start with good ingredients and you’re halfway there. Two people with open hearts can change the world, IF they have each other’s backs.

8) Kids are born with very little guilt about either love or cake. We could all learn something there.

9) If someone keeps taking your cake/ love/ money without refilling the pantry then it’s time to raise your prices. You might also want to move shop! See my class on spiritual money healing

10) You can make someone a cake but if they throw it back at your face, it’s time to feed yourself first. Their Soul is trying to tell you something.

11) There is more than one source of love, cake and salvation in this world no matter what marketing and religion tells you. You are a multi-dimensional Soul with many possible Soulmates and opportunities to succeed.

12) Both love and cake attract empaths (a word that looks like ‘me’ throwing myself headfirst along a path) They also repel psychopaths (i.e. those who psyche us off our paths). See this post on empaths and psychopaths

13) If you have too much of either, you can always give it away. So fill up!

14) Learning how to make your own love and cake, then sharing those recipes, is the meaning of life.

Oh, and in numerology, cake has an 11 vibration, the same as luck. Nuff said.

Photo: Is our wedding cake from 2017 by @rainbownourishments My cousin Anthea’s vegan, GF mud cake was a hit. And yes, that is a lego gypsy version of me and a hippy one of Kris!

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