August News – Happy Eclipse, Father’s Day Tarot Offer, The Gift of Depression & New 11:11 Tips!

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It’s been a huge August, or Universal 18/9 Month of Conclusions. 18/9 is the vibration of words like LOVE and EGO. Add in the New Moon Solar Eclipse today (sudden re-balancing) plus Mercury Retrograde (time to release energy vampires) and that’s why we’re feeling edgy. The Cosmos wants us to clear our minds and rest before September, a Universal 1 Month of Action and Beginnings in a Universal 1 Year. This is no time to be tired before the party! If you’ve been craving more balance, your time has come.
See Find Your Personal Year for your annual theme and lucky months, I’ve just updated this post.
With only days before I give birth to Charlie, I’ve been busy. Not only have I moved site from Vistaprint to WordPress (which was like leaving a bad ex – read my review), I’ve created many blogs and videos for you:
Why Do I See 11:11 When I’m Not a Master 11/22/33? Even if you are an 11/22/33, this post is super relevant.
When Will I Have a Baby? A Look at Conception, Miscarriage & Healing Baby spirits are like bees, attracted to
hearts in bloom – they’re also very patient.
How depression can mark the birth of a healer, coughs reflect being force-fed, food allergies can be a revolt against commercialism, and healing tips for addictions and unwell kids.

Beginners Numerology and Beginners Palmistry workshops will resume in 2018.
Email me with ‘Numerology’ or ‘Palmistry’ in the subject, your name, DOB (dd/mm/yyyy) and location (e.g. Brisbane, U.S., U.K.) to receive advance invites

Good News! Kris is taking over Tarot and numerology readings while I’m on maternity leave. He’s had rave reviews already. See 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kris for a peek at our 11:11 Soulmate relationship.

A Master 11 client said, ‘that was the best reading I’ve ever had’.

Skype client Abby said, “Kris is amazing and very accurate, I will be a returning customer. He has really helped me with direction and grounding, even writing this makes me a bit teary (happy).I was so impressed, I shouted one of my employees to a session and (now), he also wants to be a regular with Kris!!!! Thank you so much.”

Call Kris on 0428 626 727 to book ($150/ hour). He’s also on facebook and online.

Current Healers
Vicki Haspels – Psychic mentor, medium and Reiki- read more.
Heather Plett  – Writing coach – she’s a 29/11 too – see facebook and her post on holding space, it’s had 3 mill. views!
Lotus Kruse – Money coach -.join us from Sept 4 for the next Money Love. I’m redoing the course, because it’s so good. See chakra tips for creating cashflow
Andy Henderson – WordPress expert – he helped me escape Vistaprint forever!

Weird But True…
Until recently, 33% of my waitlist were Master 33’s, despite this being a rare lifepath. All 33’s are in the spotlight, e.g. Sinead O’Connor has been a whistleblower for mental health. ECLIPSE adds to 33, and 33’s are human wake up calls. Find your lifepath

Even Buddhas Get the Blues I finally blogged about my Dad leaving home, in keeping with the global need to ‘reparent ourselves’ in this 1 Year of Root Chakra healing. Both Tanishka’s article and the ABFE White Light Essences* helped me to let go. *I will review these essences – that’s me (briefly) teaching numerology with Ian White in the top photo.

Music to Lift You
Sweet Honey in the Rock’s Eye on the Prize (3min 36 sec – more 33s). This Civil Rights anthem is so relevant with what’s going on in the U.S. On that note, I felt moved to post on Justine Damond, the Aussie life coach shot dead by police. She had a Master 11 name AND address. Her death has sparked huge debate. R.I.P. fellow Messenger.

Father’s Day Special
Kris is offering 10 x one hour vouchers for Dads looking for direction and moral support. Email Kris or call 0428 626 727. For $150, your Dad gets a reading AND a free pair of socks! Sweet!

What I Offer
Psychic readings, including numerology, palmistry, Tarot, 11:11 tips and clairvoyance. See 99+ testimonialsFAQs and media.

Where’s Sarah?
Visit Bookings to join my waitlist. A reading near your birthday is best, as that’s when you change Personal Years in numerology.

Need help sooner? Call Kris on 0428 626 727 or Vicki on 0421 649 841 for a reading.

With best wishes,
Sarah Yip (& bump)

Professional Psychic
facebook: The Numbers Queen
0408898028 (SMS pls)

P.S. I’ve been featured on Mamamia, talking about crazy psychics.
P.P.S. My mentor, Caroline Byrd is releasing a book soon. Here’s how she busted my fear of ghosts. Find her on facebook and online

“Home is not where you live, but where they understand you. It’s time to find your next tribe my friends. 11:11 means strength in numbers…”

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