8 amazingly accurate palmreadings that busted my scepticism

Our hands are the tips of our Angel wings and show our flight path to joy. Since 2008, I’ve taught hundreds of people to read palms (See my latest palmistry webinar). Here are 8 amazing palmreadings, that busted my scepticism as a former scientist:

1) The first time I read my friend’s hand in my teens, I noticed it looked like someone else’s, who was bisexual. My friend said he was bi and I was the first person he’d told. That taught me that palmistry is a sacred act, which must not be misused for judgement and shame.

2) I saw a fork on someone’s life line and asked if they were part-Aboriginal (this sign can show that you are mixed race or a Starseed.) She was shocked and said she was 1/16th Indigenous.

Perhaps my time in Kakadu working with the traditional owners helped me to pick this up. Or it was a claircognisant flash. As I have studied psychic reading, palmistry and Holistic counselling, I see more than just personality traits in the hands.

3) Manfred Zander from Parap markets read my hand and said I would soon leave park management to become a spiritual teacher. I mocked him. A few years later, I changed careers, and went back to apologise to him. He said that happened often and it didn’t bother him.

Btw I’ve had great palmreadings by many colleagues, whom I’ll discuss in future posts. I’ll also share my favourite textbooks later.

4) I saw a weirdly doubled relationship line in a man’s hand and asked if he had an unusual marriage. He said he was married to sisters. I think it was all hush-hush and not legal. Read about relationship lines in palmistry

5) I saw a sign* for throat chakra and gut issues in a woman’s hand. I asked if she had restricted her eating before and she went pale. She almost died from anorexia but never talked about it. A year later, I was diagnosed with anorexia (probably orthorexia), so perhaps Spirit was trying to warn me. *I have the same marking.

6) While teaching a woman palmistry, I noticed her pinky finger sticking out at an unusual angle. I said ‘that can show that you are leaving a relationship’. She said ‘I signed the divorce papers today’. We high-fived, as it was a positive decision for her.

7) I have seen many signs for miscarriages, stillbirths and live births while reading hands. All verified by clients. Lara asked me about a mark on her life life. I asked what happened at 38-40. She cried and said that she fell pregnant after long struggle. That made me cry too.

I don’t believe abortion is a sin, because I have connected women with their spirit babies and heard of them coming back as the next child or even a friend’s child. I discuss this beautiful phenomenon in Why You Chose Your Mother – a family numerology webinar, now available on replay. A related blog on miscarriage and secondary infertility is here.

See my post on children’s lines in palmistry as well.

The day I met Kris R Anderson reading his palms on TV, I said he was about to take a leap of faith. 9 years later, we are married with 3 kids and read together as 11:11 Twin Flames.

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Please note, all formations in palmistry have multiple meanings and lines can change, so it’s wise to study with a teacher before doing readings for friends, family and clients. Some things are best learned in a supportive group. See my Patreon community, for example.

I also offer palmistry readings as part of my new client and current client readings, see Where’s Sarah?


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