7 terrible palmreadings that inspired me to become a better palmistry teacher!

Our hands are the tips of our heart chakras and deserve respect. Since 2007, I’ve taught hundreds of people to read palms for better relationships. Here are 7 terrible palmreadings, that inspired me to become a palmistry teacher:

1) A kid at school told me he could read hands. He said he could see a big house and pool then spat in my palm. So gross.

2) A famous palmist pointed at my hand in class and said ‘have you recovered from the abuse?’ Omg. I needed a healing the next day to recover from his insensitivity.

3) A psychic read my hand and asked for 10 000 USD to remove a curse from my mum. Then I read her hand and saw a mark for lying. No deal.

4) A celebrity Hong Kong palmist told me when I would die. I didn’t ask him to do this, nor believe him, as my future self has showed me a different age.

Once a client came in scared because a palmist said her short life line meant a short life. What BS – it’s about your root chakra and earth connection. When I cleared this up, she cried, as she’d worried for years.

5) A palmist said I’d have an eating disorder (true) and listed many relationships I’d have in my 30s (huh? I stayed with Kris.) That stressed me.

Not all palmists are consistently psychic and objective…some are quite sexist. Perhaps I blocked him energetically as well. See If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional psychic, wait until you hire an amateur

Even passed over loved ones and new babies can stop psychics from reading them, my kids do that regularly.

6) A palmist described Kris, my future husband, then said I’d turned down a good man before. Um no, he threatened me. See 5)

7) A friend read my hand and brought up my sex life, amusing the girl next to us. I was so angry, I bought a book on palmistry (the rest is history.)

Please, look for palmists who are kind, mature and let you record. Trust your gut. If you feel tired or judged, leave. Tell them it’s not working for you.

Oh, and as with massages, avoid those who promise happy endings. A good reader keeps it clean and emphasises free will.


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