11:11 Angels - Meditation & Healing Class

2023 is a 7 Universal Year of Crown Chakra Healing -
Expect miracles, mayhem and Spiritual expansion!

Are you seeing 11:11 and repeated numbers like 12:12, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 and 911?

Want to know the REAL reasons why? From teachers who’ve studied thousands of See’rs?

Fascinated by numerology, clairvoyance, mediumship and other ‘taboo’ topics?

Love to know how to interpret Angel Numbers on a daily basis?

Then this class is for you! Only $44 as of Feb 2023 (normally $99) 

Patreon members can buy this for $22 (as well as receiving regular video calls)

This 2 hour Replay contains Insights, Meditations and proven techniques to connect you with The 11:11 Angels

What's included in this Class

  • Welcome A background of 11:11 awakening – how it reveals you are ready to connect with the Matrix and Divine Order.

  • Why you see 11:11 and repeating numbers Sarah Yip explains why 11:11 is the Age of Aquarius code, leading us from the Old Way to the 11:11 Way – from one dimensional success to multi-dimensional embodiment of your absolute potential. 

  • Grounding meditation (11min) Caroline Byrd guides you to bring golden light into your body, to fully anchor your Soul. She has been teaching meditation for over 20 years.

  • How to use Angel Codes for daily healing Hear from Sarah, who has studied thousands of people who see repeating numbers and matched the codes to their numerology charts. Hint: We often see numbers related to our life pathpersonal year and chakras we’re healing (e.g. 111 is for the Root chakra).

  • 11:11 guidance track (4min) – A simple, powerful process to interpret your 11:11 sightings, combining thoughts, feelings and intuition for helpful insights.

  •  11:11 message from Jonah Experience trance-channelling from Source, facilitated by Caroline Byrd. You’ll love these deep messages, which have never been made public before.

  • Plus THREE bonus meditations worth $40+, see below. The class also includes group questions, including stunning tales of how numbers have transformed people’s lives. You’ll love it!

Sarah Yip And Caroline Byrd Have Helped Thousands of People Who See 11:11 To Awaken Their Psychic Gifts - This Is Their Calling

11:11 means Spirit wants your help! Let us show you how to connect

You Also Receive:

THREE Bonus meditations from Sarah and Caroline worth $40+, including:

Detox Relationships (10min) A meditation to clear the drama and karma from your love life! Sarah has personally used this track 1000+ times before psychic readings to raise her vibration and generate peace. 11:11 is about seeing others as Souls and total forgiveness.

Eyes of Venus (10min) Clear your energy with a waterfall of energy before entering a house of wisdom with the Goddess to gain answers to a current challenge in your life. This is another favourite Sarah is sharing to soothe your third eye chakra (vision/ ESP) and bring in new ideas. 11:11 reminds us to read ‘between the lines’ for the truth. Originally from Your 2022 Numerology Forecast. Your 2023 Numerology Forecast bookings open soon!

Spirit of Expansion (21min) Expanding your energy field allows a freedom to enter your awareness, bringing peace of mind, clarity and healing. You will feel energised, open and supported as you merge into higher realms. A track to bliss you out…


What our students said

“I felt wonderful after the class – elated because of the syncs and sharing between like minds. Loved the meditations and the energy they created. It was great to get reinforcement of the numbers so I know I’m not alone! People who feel lost and need direction would find answers through numerology. The 000 Angel Code explanation was big for me, as I saw it passing a sentimental place before the class. Very grateful to have found you Sarah and Caroline.” Sheeba 

“Had a lightbulb moment in the class. I see the numbers but never went into them. Now, I’ll be looking into numerology. I love Caroline’s voice in meditation, some voices I can’t stand but hers is so relaxing. I felt energised afterwards and had a great sleep.”

Buy 11:11 Angels - Meditation and Healing Class

Only $44 from February 2023 (normally $99) 

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Why we made this class & Things to know

The best way to predict the future is to create it! With the world in crisis and capitalism crumbling, there’s never been a better time to recover your psychic gifts and courage. As an 11:11 Starseed, you’ve come to create a world of hope for generations to come. We came here for this moment and it’s time to awaken the tribe.

Birthed on the 11/11/22 portal by Sarah Yip and 
Caroline Byrd with the assistance of many Souls, this class will bring you into heart* frequency instantly (*an anagram of Earth.) We will deepen your understanding of the 11:11 phenomenon to prepare you for 2023, A Universal 7 Year of Miracles and Mayhem. This class is full of radical insights to heal your fears of persecution, death, the afterlife and being an Angel in human form.

Spiritual, financial and sex education are rights that many of us are denied by dictatorial cultures. Yet conscious leaders WANT you to reproduce and outgrow them!  They yearn for a world of equals (the 
11:11 Age of Aquarius). That’s what we believe in.

BTW, the original discounted class price of $55 is a healing code too. 55/10/1 is the vibration of numerology, Mother Mary and Angelic work – it opens our throat (5th) chakra for total resets (1 and 0 energies). I share a story about a 155/ 551 Spirit sign experience in the class, where a meditation CD appeared from nowhere!

Who this is for: Anyone who sees 11:11 and wishes to supercharge their intuition and spiritual growth. This webinar is suitable for ages 16+ and requires no prior knowledge.

This class does not contain personal medical, legal or financial advice, for these matters please seek professional help. 

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All online sales of digital courses are final, unless there is a technical failure on Sarah’s side, preventing you from accessing the product. In these cases, Sarah can be approached for a refund. If you have any issues, email info (at) sarahyip (dot) com. Allow 1-2 weeks for a reply. Thanks for your understanding and support.

This is a comprehensive class (2.25 hours plus bonus tracks). We recommend watching it with breaks. Please drink plenty of 
high-quality water and rest after doing the meditations, as they are designed to relax you and bring forth subconscious knowledge.

Expect many synchronicities once you connect with this work.
  It starts as soon as you connect with us and it’s amazing!

Recorded at Soulbyrds in Mount Cotton, Brisbane on 11 Nov 2022 on Quandamooka country. In the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Thank you to everyone who supported the production of this class, especially the attendees and my Patreon members.

About Sarah Yip, Professional Numerologist and 11:11 Researcher

As one of Australia’s top psychics, I am known for my numerology, palmistry and clairvoyant readings, workshops and media forecasts. A scientist-turned-reader, I am accurate, compassionate and friendly. Since 2007, I have helped 4, 900+ people to find their purpose. I specialise in working with those who see 11:11 and repeating numbers to navigate rapid increases in intuition, which bring rapid changes in their relationships, careers and health. See The 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening

Readings with me start from $1650 for a new client series and I have a waitlist year round. 
I spend months preparing for these classes and tuning in via my monthly forecasts. Although the contents of 11:11 Angels – Meditation and Healing Class are extremely valuable, I keep my classes affordable, because education is freedom and I believe in your right to know the truth.

FYI, I am a Master 29/11/2 Life Path who picked up numerology at age 29, my life path turning point age. 
Find your life path My Twin Flame and Tarot reader husband Kris Anderson and I have 3 psychic sons. For us, people come before profit, and they always will. 

Want to learn numerology in a supportive community? Join my 11:11 Patreon community from 12 USD a month. You receive access to a private Facebook group, mentoring calls AND discounts. Plus gifts, including a lifepaths webinar and dozens of meditations. We have over 35+ replays on topics including numerology, palmistry, Spirit babies, psychic kids, past lives, dreams, body healing and more!

About Caroline Byrd, Intuitive Therapist and Meditation Teacher

Caroline is the owner of Soulbyrds. She has a rare talent of bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious, the known and unknown using alternative healing modalities. Individuals and groups experience profound healing, awareness and insight as their consciousness expands to encompass a deeper perception of truth.

She is the developer of Therapy for your Soul and the founder of The Breath of Life Meditation process. As an Intuitive therapist, with a diploma in Holistic Counselling, she also has expanded her portfolio of therapy into transformative education, Meditation Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, Personal empowerment education and Reiki master, all this, including her unique training through Eastern Meditation practices using the Breath, make her a powerful and authentic, “Modern Therapist”.

Developing her Natural gifts as an Emotional Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Empathic, and Channel, she uses her abilities to see beyond the body, the mind and its constraints, gently utilising her life skills, connection to Source and training to go beyond the perceived world.

See Caroline Byrd – My Soul Sister & Psychic Mentor Since 2009 and book with Caroline here

Welcome to the 11:11 fun!

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