Patreon Palmistry Event on the Gold Coast with Suki

The future is in your hands! Palmistry has a 43/7 numerology, which heals our crown chakra (Soul connection) and has the same vibration as ‘I love you’. See the word numerology system I use. 

Palmistry is a near instant way to see your chakra strengths and weaknesses plus learn about your relationship and decision making styles.

Reading hands brings so much love into your life. I even met my husband Kris reading his hand on TV! See the video on my media page.

Here’s a picture from my palmistry tea today for Brisbane and Gold Coast Patreon supporters. We learned about skin types (fish, dolphin, crocodile), hand size (hands on vs hands off leadership style), palm shape (cookie, sandwich, sushi and crepe – my terminology, can you tell I love food?!), thumbs (stubborn vs flexible) and the main lines.

Suki Kasinathan (pictured below) is one of the reasons I quit my day job to become a psychic. She was also my first palmistry student and remains a dear friend. I am a 29/11/2 lifepath Spiritual Messenger and Suki is a 30/3 lifepath Artist so we are very different (being one lifepath apart) but harmonise each other.

2+3 = a 5 numerology friendship, which heals our throat chakras and encourages healthy rebellion, truth-telling and diversity (also the theme of 2021). Find your lifepath

Thanks everyone who came for your monthly support and company. See you and your hands again soon.

Visit my Patreon page for our thriving community of 11:11 See’rs. Our next live coaching call is 1 Nov.

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“Thanks Sarah for having us and organising such a lovelly day. It was amazing. Loved meeting everyone. Grateful for this community.” Lira

“Great to see you beautiful Sarah. Truly grateful for today’s time with you, with all the lovely ladies I met today, your teachings and your most amazing sense of humour. What a wonderful day!” Lila

“Suki is amazing. Such a vibrant, empathetic soul. She instantly made me feel at ease and was really spot on with what she said. Thank you beautiful Suki.” Kelly

“Suki is amazing. You are a good listener, while being gentle compassionate & encouraging through my reading. Your reading was spot on, with some additions. Reminding how smart I am, that I will be working with lots of people & seeing travel. Very inspiring!” Leanne

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With fellow Palmreader Suki Kasinathan at my Palmistry Event on the Gold Coast. I am 22 weeks pregnant with my third son, Ziggy Starbump.

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