Happy New Year! Your 2016 Numerology Forecast – Will You Rewrite History?

Sarah Yip 9 Lifepath NumerologyHappy New Year! In numerology, 2016 is a Universal 9 Year, which is about healing, conclusions, and rewriting history. The number 9 looks like a person or thinker with lots of ideas (and a big head!) – it invites us to consider where we are truly going in life.

Numbers go from 1 to 9 and then repeat, so we are finishing a global cycle of learning over the next 12 months. This is exciting news for those who have been making leaps of faith in their spirituality, e.g. changing careers, relationships, lifestyles etc. to follow their Soul’s Guidance.

People with 9 Lifepaths, in 9 Personal Years or with strong 9 energy elsewhere in their numerology (e.g. birthdays on 9, 18, 27 of the month) will be highly inspired and needed by society this year. Find your lifepath.

Interestingly, we enter a Red Fire Monkey Year in Chinese Astrology on 8 February 2016. Monkey Years are full of action, adventure and optimism. The monkey is the 9th sign in the Chinese Zodiac, which matches the Universal Year. The Chinese must be onto something!

This is the year to relight your inner fire. Not only does RED add to 9 in numerology (see the system), the number 9 represents ‘Mars’ energy (fire element). Words like FIRE and MONKEY also add to 29/11 in numerology, tying in perfectly with the rise of 11:11 energy I mention below. Don’t you love synchronicity?

As a 29/11 Lifepath born in the Year of the Monkey going into a 1 Personal Year this is a watershed year for me – that’s why I’m having a baby, getting married and taking my psychic business to the next level. Stay tuned for my new website coming soon.

2016 invites us to forgive and forget. Here’s what you can expect:

Sarah Yip Lifepath 2 NumerologyThe number 2 represents the Sacral Chakra (Emotions) and relationships. When healthy, it gives us the ability to resolve conflict and attract flow. Think of the 2 like a swan, looking for a partner. This is a year to see other people as teachers rather than friends or enemies (see this post on staying friends with your ex). With four Mercury Retrogrades this year (instead of the usual three), we will have many opportunities to make peace with family, friends, and former flames. Anger is a heavier energy than love. You can’t move on until you move up. We’ll meet people from our past lives (a sure sign is an instant feeling of like/ dislike, want to repay karmic debts, and experience plenty of deja-vu. Soulmates will grow closer, while other relationships will need to conclude.

The number 0 reflects pure potential. 2016 will give many people a chance to reset their lives, and to experience miracles of faith. As you think, so you are. Seeing prompts like 11:11 is a reminder that every moment is a new beginning. As Byron Katie says, ‘who would you be without your story?’ We live in a loving Universe, where the sun shines on everyone, no matter what ‘sins’ they’ve committed. If Source can forgive so easily, why not humans?

Sarah Yip Lifepath 1 NumerologyThe number 1 stands for the Root Chakra (Action) and creation. When balanced, we feel powerful, grounded and able to stand up for ourselves. We don’t wither under pressure, but find the strength to keep promises to our Higher Self. Think of the 1 like a tree, wanting to grow up into the sky. 2016 invites us to be single-minded about our dreams. Just as a car only moves forwards or backwards, everything you do today will either keep you on your life purpose (find your lifepath here), or halt your progress.

This is the year to get fit and shift your energy into a higher gear. Only babies and sick people are meant to sit all day, not healthy adults! Sitting down squashes your lower chakras, reducing your circulation, digestive fire and ability to let go (literally). It’s a recipe for procrastination, creative blocks and infertility. We end up waiting for life to come to us, in the form of emails or phone calls, like an infant in a high chair waiting to be spoon-fed.

In contrast, standing, walking, running and dancing ‘exercise your power’ and remind you that every move you make is a choice. Don’t just believe me, test this for yourself. You’ll feel amazing and your manifestation abilities will go through the roof. It’s also a great way to attract money and luck. As they say ‘for every step you take, the Universe takes two to meet you’.

Sarah Yip 6 Lifepath NumerologyThe number 6 represents the Third Eye Chakra (Vision) and compassion. At it’s best, an open Third Eye Chakra gives us an open mind – the desire and ability to learn from mistakes, and community spirit. This is the chakra associated with ESP, clairvoyance and having a conscience. Responsibility is the ‘ability to respond’ to a situation – many of us are other-responsible (we jump to save others from drowning), but not self-responsible (saving ourselves rather than waiting for intervention).

Think of a 6 like a woman looking down at her pregnant belly. 2016 gives us a chance to ‘reparent’ ourselves and focus on self-care and nourishment. We’ll see people from all walks of life choosing their home lives over outer success, as they realise that ‘there is more to life than increasing its speed’ (to quote Gandhi). No surprise – Gandhi was a 9 Lifepath – he knew that meaningful sacrifice was the key to transformation. You have to ‘give up’ i.e., surrender your need to control, in order to receive.

What comes after 2016?
2017 is a Universal 1 Year of Beginnings and 2018 is a Universal Master 11 Year of Spiritual Growth and Partnerships. The next few years deliver huge openings for people to bring their beliefs into the open. We will see waves of humanity who want to heal from fear, and create love in the world. Many of them will be inspired by seeing prompts like 11:11 and repeating numbers (which reflect the Age of Aquarius). How exciting!

What’s my Personal Forecast for 2016?
As a numerologist and psychic in Brisbane, I use Personal Year Cycles (among other tools) to help clients understand their past and to plan their future. When you know when the party starts, you can be there with bells on, so to speak!

What’s the difference between the Universal Year and my Personal Year?

The Universal Year (e.g. 2+0+1+6 is a 9) affects everyone.
Your Personal Year is based on your day and month of birth. In my experience it runs from birthday to birthday however for some people (e.g. those born in the last couple of months of the year), there is an overlap period. For example:

My birthday is 27 January.
To find my personal year, I add 2+7+1 to 2016 i.e. 2+7+1+2+0+1+6 = 19.
We need to reduce this to a number between 1 and 9 (or a Master 11, 22, 33)
1+9 = 10 and 1+0 = 1, so from January 2016 I am in 1 Personal Year of New Beginnings.
Well, I am giving birth and getting married so this makes sense!

Some books claim the personal year starts on Jan 1, rather than the birthday, but my testing doesn’t agree with this.

Find Your Personal Year here – this article includes a rundown of each year’s theme. It’s startling to look back at your life in terms of 9 year cycles – you should be able to see patterns from 1998, 2007 etc. that will influence what you experience over the next 12 months. Tip – the Personal Year corresponding to your Lifepath is always a big rebirth. Ideally, 2016 is about rewriting history so that you keep moving forwards as a Soul. Happy learning and growing!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the year ahead and how to find your personal forecast. To finish, I’d like to include one of my favourite poems by Robert Muller on forgiveness:

2016_Trees_Healing_smSunday: Forgive yourself.
Monday: Forgive your family.
Tuesday: Forgive your friends and associates.
Wednesday: Forgive all across economic lines within your own nation.
Thursday: Forgive across cultural lines within your own nation.
Friday: Forgive across political lines within your own nation.
Saturday: Forgive other nations.
Only the brave know how to forgive.
A coward never forgives.
It is not in his nature.

Robert Muller

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