It’s Mercury Retrograde – Will You Be Affected? Palmistry Tips Included

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Mercury Retrograde is in full swing! From the period 26 June to 21 July 2013, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards through the Sky. Mercury was known as the Messenger of the Gods and in Astrology this planet governs communication, travel, politics (to some degree), technology, business and intuition. So when Mercury goes retrograde (3 times a year) we can encounter challenges in all these areas.

During past retrogrades I have:

-signed contracts or bought things I didn’t need
-lost workshop bookings due to an IT error (we ended up sitting on a park bench!)
-Experienced huge traffic and travel delays,
-Lost keys, paperwork and on some occasions, my mental marbles (!)
-Had lots of confused clients ring up (who cancelled their appointments later)
-Experienced one-of-a-kind glitches with my computer and mobile phone (including screen freezes and random shutdowns), and
-Had all kinds of blow-ups with lovers, friends and family over trifling things.

Interestingly – I didn’t really believe in Astrology when most of these things happened but over time I’ve been converted!

I should clarify that Mercury retrograde affects everyone differently, depending on their birth chart and their palms (see below). However for city-dwellers  it tends to create temporary havoc which you can’t escape hearing about, unless you have your head underground! To give you an analogy, the planet Mercury is like the ‘main TV station’ or ideas source for people in the communications and transport industries.If you happened to be a fan of this TV station and it suddenly went off air, or experienced technical glitches it would bother you a lot. Even if your friends didn’t watch the station, you’d probably tell them your woes! On the up side…with the station off air you may find yourself trying other channels, or catching up with loved ones instead…

Which brings me to the benefits of a Mercury Retrograde: 
It’s actually,
-The best time to finish projects and double check any written work, because you will receive many flashes of intuition and feel an urgent need for closure.
-A great period for decluttering your house and letting go of belongings.
-A good time to catch up on rest and get your work/ life balance sorted out.
-The ideal period to research ideas and brainstorm for the future.
-A phase that helps us to move beyond ‘the ego’s need to know’ and remember that all things happen in Divine Time.
-Synchronicity and Spirit Signs, like 11:11 and repeating number sightings, are heightened. You’re likely to bump into lots of familiar faces wherever you go, or to have unusually vivid dreams/ premonitions. Take this opportunity to contact people who you care about or still need to forgive.

So…can you predict if someone will be affected strongly by Mercury Retrograde using Palmistry? The answer is ‘sortof’! Ideally you would consider their Astrology and/ or Numerology as well, but for now let’s focus on the hands…People who are heavily influenced by Mercury (including retrogrades) often have these features.

1) A Mercury Line, indicating high intuition and sensitive nervous and digestive systems. We receive a lot of information via our nerves and senses so Psychics invariably have this line.

2) Medical Stigmata, these 3-5 fine vertical lines appear on the Mount of Mercury under the little finger (called the Mercury Finger). People with these markings have healing hands and may go into caring professions. It’s no coincidence that the Caduceus symbol used for medicine is the staff carried by Hermes/ the God Mercury in mythology.

3) A Low Set Mercury Finger, this is where the base of the Mercury finger looks ‘dropped’ by 1cm+ compared to the base of the Ring finger. People with this formation tend to bloom in confidence from their 30’s. Often they were quiet or suppressed children who didn’t feel heard when younger. They make great writers for this reason (they’ve had lots of time to think about things!).

4) A Long Mercury Finger, if you check the length of your Mercury Finger against your Ring Finger and it ends ABOVE the first joint, then you naturally have lots of Mercury traits such as: a charming nature, good memory, love of language, quick wit, fast mind, people skills, and a restless streak.

If you have 3 or more of these features in your hand (or lots of 5 energy in numerology, e.g. a 5 lifepath) then you probably have a strong Mercury influence, so this article is ESPECIALLY FOR YOU.

Please remember:
-be gentle with yourself and others, especially if you have muddled thinking or experience headaches,
drink lots of water, have baths and get additional sleep if you can, and
-make the most of this time to catch up on paperwork, journalling and enjoying the calm before the storm (when Mercury goes direct again from 21 July). I guarantee you will be VERY busy with new projects after then! Have fun!

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Sarah Yip
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Katherine Denning on Tuesday, 9 July 2013 9:44 PM
Hi Sarah, how are u and where are u moving too. What have u got planned as in courses over the next few months. and I have all those mercury signs wow. I look forward to doing more classes with you. Warmest wishes Kath
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Sarah on Tuesday, 23 July 2013 12:14 AM
Hi Katherine, thanks for your comment, it’s lovely to hear from you. I am splitting my time between Brisbane and the Gold Coast for now. Not surprised you have all the markings!! Mercurians love to hang out (I almost wrote hand out!) together 😀 Looking forward to seeing you again soon, cheers Sarah
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